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The Heroes return to camp from Tribal Council, although I am no longer interested in them now that Cirie is gone. Sigh. Colby says J.T. is a "hero," which I suppose is true if you wanted Colby to stay in this game longer than Cirie. He is not a hero to me. SIGH. Colby says the majority of his tribe might want him gone, but he intends to stay as long as possible. Meanwhile, J.T. is in full damage control mode, telling his former alliance that he didn't vote the way he did "for personal reasons" but to benefit the entire team. He claims that he had no idea which way he was voting before Tribal Council, which I really hope isn't true because then it means that Probst basically saved his good friend Colby from being voted out by convincing J.T. to vote for Cirie instead. Rupert growls in an interview that he is not at all pleased with J.T. And that's all we hear from anyone until the next morning, when J.T. repeats to Amanda that he didn't take out Cirie because of any loyalty to Tom or Colby, but because he thought it was the best move for everyone to get rid of her as soon as possible. And if Amanda and the rest of her alliance believe that, then they are idiots. Oh, wait. They are idiots. But even then, they still aren't stupid enough to believe J.T. anymore, as Amanda interviews that while she'll tell J.T. whatever he wants to hear, she no longer trusts him. "Game on. Bring it on," she says. Normally, I'd laugh at her for thinking she's tough, but we have seen her follow through on promises like this in seasons past. It might be a bit too early for Amanda to have a rage attack, though.

Jerri looks so badass in the opening credits. That is all.

We head to the Villains camp, where Douche is leading an instruction session on the fake form of Tai Chi he created. Well, that's awesome. Douche actually admits in an interview that he made this all up (wait -- didn't he say two seasons ago that he learned this from an impossible-to-google-wise-man-source?). Even more amazingly, I see Sandra is going along with it. Oh, hold on a minute -- she's not totally into it, as when Douche starts singing, there are a few dubious looks from Sandra, Courtney, and Parvati before Sandra can't hold back any longer and busts out laughing. Douche says the only holdout on his ridiculousness was Li'l Russell, who interviews that his tribe is doing "Co Chi," which is "crap." While they're all distracted, he's going to search for the immunity idol again. And so, for the 50 billionth time in two seasons, we have a Li'l Russell looking for the idol montage. Finally, he finds it and proclaims that he is now in control of the entire game.

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