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Six months ago, Tomas Vergis came back to his home/lab -- which looked a lot like Daniel's, but in Tauron City -- and immediately noticed something was awry. The door was broken so he had to shove it open with a hanky. I guess when you live on Tauron you grow up learning about crime scenes. The MCP research area was all dicked up and the chip itself was long gone, which was irritating, but then there was blood all over the place and his two guys were dead on the floor and the music was very scary.

I must admit, the crime and MCP parts of the pilot were confusing for me at the time and I'm still sort of confused about them now. Sam killed the Defense Minister while Daniel and Amanda were having sad sex, and we knew that the MCP was stolen, but I can't remember if we saw any of the details of that. But then Daniel's PTSD through this whole episode is so visceral that for a second I kept thinking, "Did Daniel fly over to Tauron and ice some dudes?" But no, because then he would have no reason to ever hang out with Joe, and Joe is not somebody you would ever hang out with if you didn't have to.

Now it's tonight, in some really beautiful late afternoon light, and the Drs. Graystone are looking glamorous at a reception for this showing of beautiful Kobol artifacts, which all look like those kind of Northwestern Indian tattoos a certain sort of Seattle person might have. Like, giant sandstone eagles and instruments of war, but with the rounded blocky Nissan angles of a Batman/Superman cartoon. The Graystones are flirting and laughing about how Daniel's back in with the board -- thanks to his "let's create sexy robots to kill us" business plan -- and Amanda has gone back to being a quietly lovely celebrity -- "No one's called me Terror Mom!" -- thanks to her last-second save on Sarno. They are, as usual, just as graceful and kind with each other in this relative peace as they were in their adversity. Daniel dips his wife, but spots Tomas Vergis hanging out near a giant sandstone eagle, remembers to get his wife back upright, and then heads over there with some steely worry.

Tomas, without looking Daniel in the eye, tells him he has every right to be there at this private function because he donated money to the museum. He explains this in that entitled resentful way Taurons do everything: As if it's every Caprican's fault that his planet totally sucks. Daniel's unfortunate soulpatch is like totally annoyed, and he starts to play the dance of death that CEOs do with each other, but then Tomas is like, "Speaking of jerks, you totally killed two of my guys and stole my computer chip." Tomas leaves, hoping that Graystone's going to barf or pass out, but Daniel's pokerface is not bad. Not bad at all.

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