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Double Your Pleasure

The goonies are less thrilled than Faux-Locke expected and start firing on him. Bram yells, "Kill him!" Ben takes cover and Faux-Locke disappears. Bram picks up an unusually bent bullet from the floor, and that's when it begins. The music dissolves into a sound of rushing air, and then rattle rattle rattle. Smokey travels down the corridor (there's a corridor in the base of a foot statue -- really) and fills the main room. The camera work is intentionally choppy and difficult to follow. Suffice it to say Smokey makes quick work of the lesser goonies, stopping one poor bastard before he can finish drawing an ash circle around himself. Bram does manage to establish an ash circle around himself though, and Smokey can't cross it. But does he give up and waft away? Not our monster. He smashes a pillar outside of the circle. It falls. A chunk of it breaks off and flies into Bram, knocking him outside of his protected spot, and Smokey sends him flying into Jacob's loom. He smashes Bram and slams him up and down until he's impaled by a broken bit of the framework.

When the noise stops Ben finally opens his eyes and leaves his hiding spot to survey the damage. It's just him and the dead goonies, until he hears footsteps behind him. He turns to see Faux-Locke, who is smiling regretfully at him. "I'm sorry you had to see me like that." Anytime that Ben's in a scene, just imagine I've inserted: "Ben's eyes bug even further out of his head," because I'm running out of ways to say it.

Hatch-Pit: Kate yells down to Sawyer again, asking if Juliet is okay. He manages to move a beam by himself -- the same kind the whole group of them couldn't move without the help of the van. He drops to the ground and cradles her in his arms, telling her it's okay. Juliet snuggles into him. "We should get coffee, sometime." Even Sawyer knows that ain't good. His breath comes fast and heavy. "I've gotta get you out of here." Juliet smiles. "We can go Dutch." Sawyer doesn't yet realize that there are two realities at work now, so he doesn't see that Juliet's currently straddling them both, and can't imagine that in the other reality, she must be meeting Sawyer and making a coffee date, which makes this all the more bittersweet.

Anyhow, Sawyer leans back so he can look at her face. He strokes it as he tells her, "Juliet, it's me." She touches his chin. "James?" He says, "Yeah." She tells him to kiss her. He looks at her and shakes his head. "You've got it, Blondie." He leans in and kisses her gingerly, but not without passion. Afterward, she whispers, "I have to tell you something. It's really, really important." Sawyer nods and strokes her cheek. "You tell me." A beat. "Tell me." He waits expectantly, but slowly, realization creeps across his face. "Juliet? Bay-- You tell me!" He caresses her face and then pulls her head close to his neck as he cries. "I'm here. I'm here." Juliet though? She's gone daddy gone. This scene is heart-breaking for those of us who were delightfully surprised by this couple. But damn, I started watching Lost when the pilot aired. I broke up with it a couple of times in the early seasons though, because even though I loved it, it could annoy the hell out of me. Our break-ups never lasted long, though. Okay, so I guess my point is my unique experience with Lost is not at all unique. I only mention it, because I'm wondering who else has come full circle and is now reveling in the show's abusive relationship with the fans. When Juliet said she had to tell him something really, really important, I realized she was going to croak before she got a word of it out and I... loved it -- so much so that I didn't mind that it took me out of the show, altogether. I laughed, and laughed, paused it, rewound it, and watched it again, and laughed and laughed some more, and I've laughed every time I've watched the scene since then. Ahh. Good stuff. I'm sure gonna miss you when you're gone, Show.

Up above, Jack, Miles, Hurley and Jin come over to the edge of the hatch-pit. Kate must be rinsing her face so her freckles will sparkle at Sawyer, or something. The guys look down at Sawyer and he carries Juliet out of the ur-pit, far below. It's the typical TV pieta pose which becomes less effective every time I see it. The mournful music plays. Kate, who wasn't off freshening her freckles after all, is right down at ground zero, next to Sawyer. Jack looks down on him with a mixture of pity, regret and possibly guilt. Sawyer glares at him and growls. "You did this." Jack swallows, hard. The music spins up and out and carries us to the...

Plane Reality: A couple of men bind Charlie's hands with zip cuffs. When they march him past Jack, Charlie says, "You should have let that happen, man. I was supposed to die." Jack is disturbed; he looks off, and lost in thought, when Cindy tells him not to take Charlie's lack of gratitude personally. "Some people just don't know how to say thanks." Jack nods and chuckles, but fails to say thanks. When he returns to his seat, Desmond is nowhere to be seen. When he asks Rose about him, she says she and Bernard were asleep. Just then the pilot, Captain Norris, breaks in over the P.A. system to announce they're approaching Los Angeles, where it's a beautiful day -- sunny and 72 degrees. "Six miles visibility and winds out of the southwest at five miles an hour." Rose looks over at Jack with a smile. "Buckle up. We're almost home." Just then, the Captain says he'll be putting the "fasten seatbelts" sign on, so Jack chuckles at Rose. When the Captain signs off with, "Thank you so much for flying Oceanic Air," it's...

Musical Montage Time: The usual sweet, slightly sad melody plays as Cindy walks down the aisle and wakes Sawyer with a gentle tap on the shoulder. Next, she wakes Hurley. Both guys raise their seats to the upright position and buckle up. Sayid pulls out his passport and looks at the picture of Nadia inside. He then turns his eyes toward the window with a quiet, hopeful look. Jin inspects the watch he's to deliver for Mr. Paik. Both he and Sun look so unhappy. Boone raises his tray and fastens his seatbelt. Frogurt takes off his sleeping mask. Locke yawns and shakes his head as if trying to wake up. Cindy happily takes her seat next to another flight attendant. Kate looks out the window in resignation. And we circle back round to Jack, who watches as the plane makes a picture perfect landing. Once it touches down, Sawyer nods. Jin and Sun look as though they're a million miles away. Kate watches as an attendant points two police officers in her general direction, but they're just there to get Charlie, who gives Jack a look more hateful than Sawyer was wearing during his Juliet-Pieta scene. One of the cops grabs Charlie's guitar case from the crew on their way off the plane. If I recall correctly, his guitar wasn't allowed on the plane, in the original flight. The rest of our people leave their seats thusly: Kate and Mars; Sayid; Frogurt (who steps over a still seated Locke); Damon Salvatore Boone (who shakes Locke's hand); Hurley; and Sawyer. We watch as random people and our beloved and be-hated regulars and recurrings deplane: Asian lady; Sayid; Tall blonde lady; Rose and Bernard; (Jack and Locke are still seated); Hurley; Asian lady, Sawyer; Asian man; Euro man; and blurry lady. Jack finally rises and puts on his jacket as two crew members bring a wheel chair down to Locke. Jack looks back, as he walks off the plane and he and Locke share an awkward, friendly smile. Locke's condition hits home with me as the crew loads him into the wheelchair. Jack walks off the plane, with Locke and his escort not too far behind. Fade to black.

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