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Anyway, Mr. Trevathan is playing roulette and imploring, "Daddy needs a new five-series!" while Sam keeps offering him all sorts of inducements for giving up his Janet Ellis tickets: tickets to Cher, use of a mansion in Lake Tahoe for the weekend, et cetera. No dice: Mr. Trevathan wants to celebrate his new gambling luck with a Janet Ellis concert, because "you know as well as anyone it's been a while since Lady Luck's been on my dance card. Is it gonna be a problem?" Sam lies through clenched teeth that it will not.

Danny heads on up to Mystique, runs into former mystaque Delinda, and finds out from her that Brunson's rented the restaurant for the night. He heads on in. Brunson is sitting all by himself as the background music plays, "I am sitting all by myself / on the top of the world." Hear that muffled noise? That would be subtlety, bound and gagged in the corner. Danny greets Brunson like he's all business, and Brunson gives him a smug grin before saying, "I know what you're thinking: hasn't this guy ever heard of room service? The answer is, yes, I have. And the Montecito's is excellent. But in my room I'd miss out on all the ambiance. Besides --" Danny cuts him off with, "Mr. Brunson -- enough. You may be the friendliest guy in the world --" "I sure try," Brunson says. "The ninth richest guy in the world," Danny continues, and the toady looks over from the bar to correct him: "Seventh." Danny says, "You're out of here. You've taken advantage of the Montecito's hospitality long enough." There's some dickering, and Danny issues his ultimatum ("Tonight!") before walking out.

More tiresome Lani. Who cares, who cares, who cares? Show of hands. Nessa's all, "We think you got a raw deal, we'd like to make it up to you." Then comp her already. It's worked on so many other occasions. Anyway, Nessa follows Big Ed's advice to find out what Lani wants. Turns out the kid's got acting ambitions. Nessa grins.

And now it's nearly showtime. Danny walks by as a security guard does things to Mr. Trevathan with a metal detector that would, in some countries, make them married. In this country, it's just called "being Ashcrofted." Danny stalks on by, and then goes tearing in the opposite direction on a false lead concerning a big fashion Don't in an old denim shirt. After a brief and stupid chase scene, Danny tackles the guy, and it turns out he was only running because he had a fake Janet Ellis ticket. Mike is holding the guy against the wall, the guy is babbling a lot, Danny is looking at the ticket, and then the guy pees his pants in terror. Mike sums it all up with, "Damn." I'm no Aaron with the stats, but this is the second pee-the-pants incident in eight episodes, so if history is any indication, we're looking at a 25 percent chance of pee on the floor in any given episode.

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