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Mike is hauling Lt. Fancy's golf clubs around and asking how it was on the links. "Hot, Mike. Damn hot." Damn hungry hot! When are they gonna get off of this farm? Lt. Fancy is now "Mr. Brunson." Sam comes on up to him and makes with the nice; he replies formally, "Samantha Jane. Hello." She assures him that "Sam" will be fine, and she just wants to let him know that "we've made our private gambling parlor available to you." Brunson changes the topic to ask, "Any word on my peppermint candy cane ice cream?" Sam tells him, "Bonnet's the only company that makes it, and they're going to get back to me." Brunson replies, "Thanks. And as far as gambling's concerned, the majority of mine's done in the board room." So he's appointed unqualified people, is what he's saying? Sam trails on behind him, trying to work around to getting him to commit to gambling since he is staying at a casino. She eventually says, "My bosses have been asking me if you intend to gamble at all during your stay here at the Montecito." He replies, "Well, we all have bosses. I don't. But…" So his company's privately held, is what he's saying. Either that, or he took lessons in treating his shareholders from L. Dennis Kozlowski, Kenneth Lay, and Sir Conrad Black. Sam follows him to the elevators, explaining, "You see, sir, with a stay in one of our mansions comes an expectation of play." Brunson shoots her down with, "Well, tell your bosses, 'Soon.'" Sam pushes for a more precise definition of "soon," but gets shut off by the elevator.

Sam stalks off, which we see in the security cam, and Sandy recites for Big Ed, "Gavin Brunson. Brunson Holdings. Forbes Top Ten." Top Ten what? Mysterious tycoons? She adds, "Great catch for the Montecito." Big Ed tells her he would be, if only he gambled, but he's been holed up in a mansion for a few weeks. Sandy changes the subject to herself, and exposits, "Not a lot of pleasantries for your old CIA partner." Big Ed clumsily brings up the whole "my wife" thing, and Sandy runs right over him with, "How many times was it? We must have posed as a married couple on Ops at least --" "Once. At least once. One time only," Big Ed replies. You just know Mrs. Big Ed gave him nothing but grief once he went into the overt world and filled her in on the declassified stuff. Sandy dreamily recites that it may have been once, but it was for two really fun years. She adds, "Don't worry, sweetie, I'm not here for you, whatever Jillian may think." She's here because her security firm is heading the Janet Ellis security detail. The guy who runs security for a casino makes fun of the pop princess gig. Danny comes on in, and Sandy shakes his hand with, "It's nice to meet you under less aggressive circumstances." Danny smiles winningly with his apology. It's a nice smile. Know who else with a nice smile could show up on this show? I'm sure I don't even have to name names at this point. Sigh. Big Ed continues to introduce Sandra, and Danny continues to grin. She saunters off, and Big Ed prods, "And now, Danny." Danny blurts, "Nice to meet you too, Ms. Edelman." She's all, "Sandra." Danny repeats, "Sandra," while Big Ed rolls his eyes at his former partner toying with his current protégé.

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