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Bigamist Ed

Inside, Big Ed is happily gloating to Mrs. Big Ed about Delinda's success and how proud he is. He then awkwardly asks if they're still on for tennis the next day, because he's kinds sorta maybe invited Sandy along since she happens to be in town. Mrs. Big Ed communicates how very pissed she is with, "I didn't realize you two still stayed in touch." Big Ed backpedals a lot, and when he notices Mrs. Big Ed tapping a fork around threateningly, he's all, "She just happened to come into the Montecito, and I think that I probably mentioned we were gonna play or something," which totally translates into him having been all, "Jillian and I would love to play with you! Can you come by at eleven?" with Sandra. Mrs. Big Ed calls him on it, and he claims Sandy invited herself. Mrs. Big Ed continues to give him the fisheye, and Big Ed babbles his way into a defensive corner: "Honey, we worked together!" "And very closely, as I recall," Jillian shoots back. How would she have known at the time? I thought the whole point to covert ops was to make sure your cover was completely consistent; going home to one wife to talk about another "wife" would seem to contradict that. Big Ed invokes the professional equivalent of, "Baby, she meant nothing to me!" Judging from Mrs. Big Ed's demeanor, there are no gondola rides in the near future for Big Ed.

Lani's friends are excitedly counting down the seconds to what we presume will be her real birthday. They've all got champagne, so let's hope that everyone else is twenty-one, or else there's a lot of 'splaining to do. Lani and her howling, shrieking friends all toast, and then Lani plays the slots for the first time as a legal adult. Naturally, she wins huge -- like, $100,000 huge. Sam shrieks the obvious. Who is this Lani? Why are so many employees friends with her? Mike goes ape at the prospect of Lani winning $100,000 -- he joins her in pogoing around and shrieking with avaricious glee. Lani hands the casino guy her license with, "Here's my ID -- I just turned twenty-one!" Oh, you all know where this is going. Nessa comes on over to check the machine. It's beeping "11:57," and Nessa checks it against the driver's license, realizing that Lani pulled the lever three minutes shy of her real birthday. Which makes me wonder: who the hell has been liquoring her up all night if she's still technically twenty? Anyway, those three leetle minutes mean Lani can't get her payout. Lani protests, "But it's after midnight! My watch! I mean there aren't -- there aren't any clocks in here." Nessa apologizes, and the gaggle of girls immediately begins howling like the bacchae. Mike heads on over to warn Danny that there's going to be something of a riot if he doesn't do something; we see a shot of Sam next to Nessa. Sam's knocking back her flute of champagne while her other hand clutches a box of S'mints. Does she take those things everywhere? Danny wades in to calm things down, which naturally touches off a riot of angry women chanting, "Pay her! Pay her!" Mike is discreetly chanting along while making sure none of his coworkers is watching. Who is this Lani, to inspire such sedition among the ranks? Nessa gives Danny a "way to go, champ" look as the mob pins her to the slot machine.

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