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We zoom on down to Sam standing in the lobby, courtesy of the security cameras. She heads on over to Brunson, and a toady goes to intercept her with, "Mr. Brunson doesn't want to converse right now." Sam replies, "I see. In that case, I'll just have to go tell him he has no choice." She blows past Toady, who weakly protests, "I don't think you understand." Brunson hails her with, "Samantha Jane." Sam shakes it off and pulls up a chair. The toady directs her, "Be succinct. And don't touch him. He doesn't like to be touched." And do not look at him directly. Do not taunt Mr. Brunson. Anyway, Brunson wants to put in a good word with Sam with regards to one Scott Thompson, since Scott was kind enough to move a giant-screen TV over to where Brunson's sitting; apparently Scott's in between Kids in the Hall reunions. Brunson's back on the candy cane ice cream; Sam tells him, "Actually, [it's] a seasonal flavor. You see, Mr. Brunson, that means Bonnet's Ice Cream would have to reconfigure their whole entire flavor schedule marketing plan just to accommodate your order." Oh, Sam. You're so cute when you think the person you're talking to gives a rat's tiny ass. She eventually tells Brunson that the Montecito wants him out. The toady leans over and asks, "Sir, how would you like me to react?" Brunson holds up a hand. Brunson tells her, "Sam -- see, I remembered to call you Sam -- I am really starting to like this place, and you have a lot to do with that." Sam's very flattered, but that still doesn't get him off the hook for leaving. Brunson dispatches the toady to the bar with a wad of money, then announces to the world at large that "the beautiful and charming Sam" is buying drinks for all. He sits down to the applause; Sam tells him sweetly, "That's funny. You may be joking around, Mr. Brunson. We are not." She gets up, and Brunson says to the world at large, "See, I just missed that play." The toady says, "I'll call NBC and have them replay it." He is a superstar among yes-men, that guy.

And now, the tennis game. After Sandy comments, "You've certainly improved over the years," Jillian replies in a voice laced with arsenic, "I've had lots of time to practice. You know, not being a career gal and all that." Sandra replies, "Hey, don't sell yourself short. Raising a kid's a full-time job." Except that Mrs. Big Ed raised Delinda, so maybe a few job evaluations wouldn't have hurt. Also, how tired are the Mommy Wars? Do we really need to make it seem like parenting and having a career are an either/or proposition for women? If we're not Lisa Belkin, I mean? Anyway, the two women are hitting balls to Ed and subtly jabbing at each other while they slam balls left, right, and center. We get it already. Big Ed is saved by the telephone bell, and heads back to the office because Danny found someone to match the Janet Ellis stalker profile. Sandy heads off too, telling Jillian, "You have a good lunch." Jillian helps herself to a snack of petty assault, taking a chance to hit Sandy in the back with a well-aimed tennis ball, then giving her the "Who? Me?" face. Oh, Mrs. Big Ed. Clearly I was wrong to expect dignity.

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