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Danny's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

The screen goes dark for a moment, and then we're out of the casino and at the barbecue. Danny and Mary are standing on the edge of the patio, watching as Mike brings out an invention that looks like a cross between a lava lamp and a DNA molecule model, and sets it down on the patio in front of the Deline family and Paulie. Mary knocks back part of her beer, then asks, "Hey, did you ever get a hold of Greg?" Danny, who looks like he'd rather be anywhere else, replies, "I'll call him later."

Just then, Danny's night gets even worse as Sam joins Nessa and Delinda to form the triumvirate of Women Who Make Danny's Life Hell. Sam waves to Danny, and as he turns away, Mary gives a big, fake smile and waves back as she grits through her teeth, "You've got a problem, Danny." He mutters, "It's like a bad dream." Mary checks the patio tableau again -- Big Ed is there, glaring -- and she asks, "How long have you been up?" "Thirty-six plus," he replies. Mary urges him to go home. Danny mutters, "Maybe I am too tired for goodbyes." She smiles, "Yeah? Too tired? Or too afraid?" Heh. I like Mary. Delinda blows Danny a kiss, and he's all, "Both." He skulks off. Mary gives the group a tart "Hey, what are you gonna do with him?" look, then saunters on over to hang out with everyone.

Danny tears down the Strip. At an intersection, he stops and waits, and is surprised to see a neatly-groomed and not at all scary-looking Bunny Slippers walking on by. There goes that crazy man, his actions a mystery to us all.

And then he's driving again while musing in VO: "Vegas. A former Mob lawyer is mayor, legal gambling, valets with masters' degrees in engineering, bars that never close, world-class food and entertainment, 24/7 action. Oh, and I made it through the day without getting buried alive in the desert. God, I love this town."

Danny then whips out his cell phone, because the safest thing on the road is a sleep-deprived driver who's distracted by conversation. As he holds the phone to his ear, the camera pulls back until he's but a blur on a river of neon, and then we do another crazy-fast slide across the nighttime panorama and out beyond the Strip, a total reversal of the sequence that started the show. We're back at the hunched body laying in the culvert, and a cell phone begins ringing. The camera zooms down to the phone and we hear a tinny, "Greg, it's Danny. Call me." And then the camera zooms back so all we see is the huddled corpse of what is presumably Greg, lying in the dark sand beyond that town his friend loves so much.

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Las Vegas




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