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Danny's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Nessa carries on some more in the accent, Danny trailing in her wake and nodding blankly. Apparently the whale wears a diamond horseshoe ring; he puts it on when he begins playing, takes it off when he's finished. Then she switches topics abruptly, asking when he plans on showing her the sights of Vegas like he promised. Danny gives a nervous look to the security camera right about their heads and thinks about how Big Ed would kill him for macking on Nessa, and defers their dream date to another time. He makes noises about finding the whale, and Nessa tells him to check with the butler at the VIP suite, since that's where the whale is usually sighted.

Cut to Danny talking to the butler who, in typical butler fashion, has a vaguely upper-crusty accent. The butler passes on one useful piece of information: "The only time he spoke to me was when he had one of his requests...he was with some female companions and wanted the jacuzzi filled with Tattinger, 1990 vintage. $400 a bottle. I had to send guys all over town to get enough." Danny asks, "To drink?" The butler gives him a wonderfully contemptuous look and replies, "No. To bathe in." Danny blinks and looks confused as he VOs, "I wonder if they turned the jets on."

We then see Danny heading outside; he's talking to someone named Leon on the phone: "Tattinger, vintage 1990. If there's movement on one bottle in this town, I want you to call me." See how much more enjoyable it is to show that Danny knows everyone? Danny then gets stopped by Valet Mike, who says, "Whoa! Big Ed's daughter! Are you crazy?" Danny explains away the likelihood of word traveling that fast with a VO: "In this town, valets hear everything -- and I mean everything." Mike says, "If Big Ed doesn't kill you, she will." Danny's slightly alarmed now, and asks, "What do you know about Delinda?" Mike declines to share. If Delinda's that notorious, wouldn't her reputation have preceded her to the point where Danny would have at least known about Crazy Delinda, even without ever realizing she was Big Ed's daughter? Mike does share about the whale, Mr. Herman. He always drives him into town because "we talk engineering, specifically hydraulics and their application in a mechanized society." Danny explains to the viewers at home that Mike's got an MS in engineering, but makes more as a valet. You know, that's not entirely implausible in this economy. Unless the message there is that valets are ridiculously overpaid for parking cars.

Mike also tells Danny, "Mr. Herman's a big fan of Le Nude Review at Crazy Horse. His favorite lady goes on at midnight." Way to work in the token "If we're in Vegas, it must be time to see the naked women" scene. Before Danny heads off for that scene, he passes on a request for Mike to keep his ears open for Mr. Johnson -- you know, the one known to friends and family as "Controlling Bastard." Mike is not unfamiliar with Mr. Johnson, which either makes him the most ridiculously well-informed casino employee ever, or a diligent reader of an in-house newsletter we have yet to see on the show.

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Las Vegas




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