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Heaving Las Vegas

Behind Gumshoe, Danny's strolling around. His eagle eye catches a not-at-all-conspicuous group gathered around the slot machine, including a couple of people obviously crouching. Danny gives a quick call to the eye in the sky, which can't get a clear view. Fortunately, Nikki Cox is coming around the corner in a feeble attempt to justify her spot in the opening credits, and since Danny doesn't want to attract the attention of the slots group, he figures the best thing to do is KNOCK ALL OF NIKKI'S FOLDERS OUT OF HER HAND. He manages to keep her from freaking long enough to explain that the gang is using a monkey's paw, which is a rod you stick up the machine to make it payout, and it also grants you wishes, but the consequences of those wishes turn out to be dire indeed. Danny tells the security crew to move in, but the gang splits up -- and we see now that there are four guys wearing identical yellow jumpsuits. Every single one of them eludes Danny's grasp, and instead of CHASING THEM, he calls the control room to find out which one had the money, like, maybe you could find that out if you were PURSUING THE THIEVES, and the control room tells him that they're at the west entrance, which was certainly quick, and by the time Danny gets there, the gang has already put on their motorcycle helmets and they're popping wheelies as the ride away. As Danny couldn't catch one of them on foot, I suspect he's not going to have any more luck catching them on bikes.

His cell phone rings. "Yeah, I just lost 'em," he says, and is somewhat startled when Big Ed himself says, "Who?" So Danny makes up a story about the day shift taking off. Danny assures Ed that everything's going okay, even with Danny being winded after chasing the day staff out to the parking lot and everything. "'Cause I know you'd call me if everything wasn't okay, right?" and Danny's all "yep" and "I gotta go."

Elsewhere, Sam is showing the Definitely The Right Warners to their incredible suite, which a shocked Jim and Janet admit is not what they were expecting. Not in a bad way, as Sam initially thinks, but in a good way. And Sam introduces Hans Karl and Richard. Not one, but two personal butlers. Available twenty-four hours a day. Oh, and there's also, of course, your personal spa, masseuse, and personal trainer. And our affiliated brothel has left a catalog on the table. Mention Sam's name and get double stamps on your Frequent Hummer card. After giving them the quick tour of the rest of the place, Sam whips her business card out of her thigh-high boot and gives them her personal cell phone number, since she's also available twenty-four hours a day, a line that must have reminded her an awful lot of her audition. But Janet wouldn't want to disturb Sam at night, as that would be "rude." They decline her offer of a line of credit, with Jim telling her that they have cash, indicating his shoulder bag. And Jim thanks her for everything, and Sam seems genuinely touched by their gratitude. Which is understandable, since she didn't even have to let the Warners feel her up or anything.

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Las Vegas




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