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Heaving Las Vegas

In hell, opening for Celine and Tom Jones, a million dancing Shatners in white.

Nessa, observant pit boss that she is, apparently only just now notices Mike hanging out while Frank takes the Montecito for a whole whack of cash. She wants to know what he's doing there, that is to say, wot 'e's doing 'ere. "I'm his talisman," says Mike, which Nessa helpfully dumbs down to "rabbit's foot." And Mike's got some more poetry for Frank: "Got a hunch; bet a bunch." Frank obliges. "Well, you know wot they say: never kick anything inanimate, never fry bacon in the nude," and she turns to Frank now, "and never, ever mess with a man on a streak. Play on, player," she says, and gives him a wink. I'm sure they also say, "Never deliver your lines so flat and monotone that it sounds like you've been ethered," but Nessa doesn't appear to have taken that advice to heart.

Danny, getting cocky again, is helping himself to one of Big Ed's cigars in Big Ed's office, and putting his feet up on Big Ed's desk again. He's thumbing through some file when Delinda walks in (as the camera pans from the picture of Delinda on Daddy's desk to the real Delinda). Danny's surprised to see her. I'm surprised he didn't hear her leather pants squeaking all the way up the stairs. He fumbles for an explanation, while she says she won't tell if he "cooperate[s]," although wasn't he in Big Ed's office before and it wasn't quite so scandalous? Anyway, she slides her leather-clad butt all over her dad's desk while grabbing at Danny's tie, and Danny feels that the fact it is his boss's, not to mention Delinda's dad's, office is kind of pertinent, but she calls it a "turn-on," and then starts listing the places they've already done it, including her kitchen counter and his "bathroom sink," like, just how big a bathroom sink does he have? "Tonight, I think I want to try my father's desk," she says. Danny's misgivings lose out to the fact that Delinda is pretty frigging hot, and he starts making out with her -- at least until he realizes that Big Ed probably has a camera in his office. Delinda keeps making with the horny, so Danny gives in, figuring that it wouldn't make much sense for Ed to watch himself. Fed up with him babbling on, Delinda tells him that the "first rule of hooking up" is "knowing when to shut up." He promises he'll be as quiet as a mouse, but she tells him he's missed his window of opportunity, and sashays on down the stairs, smirking as Danny accuses her of "totally messing" with him. All is forgotten, however, when he spies a piece of paper on Big Ed's desk that says "Desert Dreams Motel." "Gotcha," he says, smiling. But…in order for him to have had Big Ed's Hummer towed, wouldn't he have already had to track him down? Or should I not point out plot inconsistencies like that?

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