Last Chance

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Last Chance

The three younger kids are still exploring this vast Stuckeyville Carnival. Warren's telling the other two they're very lucky that he's so understanding and is handling this so well. Mark goes to put his arm around Diane, and Warren stops him, telling him they're not quite there yet. Mark takes his arm off, and Warren says he was just kidding; he tells Mark to go ahead and put his arm around his lady. They chuckle as Warren says that he didn't want to say anything, but he knew he could do better than Diane, anyway. This prompts Diane to jump on his back and they all playfully run around the field, except Mark, who's lying on the ground with marine biologists desperately trying to roll him back into the nearest ocean.

Carol's at home, packing away, when a knock comes at the door. "It's open," she calls. Someone walks in, and I immediately think, "Uh oh. A polite burglar. Grab your mace, Carol. Grab your freakin' maaaaaace!" Nope. It's Ed. Carol's kinda shocked that it's Ed. My guess is that he's here to kiss her. We've had roughly umpteen false endings to this show already; this has to be where he kisses her. Ed says he won a duck and thought Carol might want it. She loves it. They have to decide on a name for the duck. They go with "Charlie." I would have named him Howard, but that's me. A horn honks outside. "That's Dennis," she says. "Yeah," he says, staring at her, getting ready to kiss her. He doesn't. There's a knock at the door. Carol goes to answer it. Ed grabs her arm and finally...plants a big one on her. At first, she resists, but then...if you watch her jaw, you can see that the chick gets into it. Man. They're slobbering like junior-high kids at the prom. Ed finally draws back, and Carol's eyes are fluttering and rolling around. She even gives a quick, subtle dip that insinuates she's weak in the knees from the kiss. They look at each other while Jackass continues rapping on the door. Finally, Carol wipes her mouth off and says, "It's open." Jackass walks in and sees Ed there. You'd expect him to get all kung-fooey on Ed, but Ed says he just came by to give Carol a "going-away gift." Carol grins. Ed picks up the duck. He tells them to have a great trip, and leaves. Carol looks like a kid who just got caught with her hands in the cookie jar. Or her tongue in her friend's throat. Ed stands on the porch, grinning like a man possessed. I don't understand it, either.

That was a pretty good ending to the season. I would have liked to see something definite between the two main characters, but something tells me that when the show got picked up for renewal, the producers went with this ending to keep the "will they or won't they" element an ongoing story. I'm willing to bet that there was another ending shot that would have wrapped up the loose ends a bit more with Carol and Ed finally doing the nasty, if the show hadn't been renewed. But if you have a heart, you have to cheer Mark getting Diane, because they make a much better couple, and it's more fun to watch Warren chasing the woman than being with the woman. Now that summer's here and my duties from TWoP are finished, I plan on going on a cross-country tour myself. All right, fine. I plan on getting yard work done and sleeping in on Saturdays. So this is goodbye. Or as the French like to say, "Sayonara."

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