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Semifinals #1

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Semifinals #1

Debra DiGiovanni from Toronto -- who was incredibly unfunny the last time we saw her -- jokes that if she doesn't win, she's going to eat a lot of ice cream. Oh, Cathy. Ackkk! She explains the concept of winter to Los Angelenos. They stop Blackberry-ing long enough to look up, then look back down without laughing. She makes a joke at the expense of skinny dumb girls and actually earns applause. Her joke formula seems to include one part self-deprecation, two parts insinuation that she's cah-razy, and three parts unfunny embellishment after the joke, like, "Oh yeah!" and "Thank you, ha ha!" Please, God, if you can hear me: I know it's late, but please, in the name of all that is funny in Your Kingdom, do not let this woman advance. Amen. Offstage, she says that was "super-fun." Not for us!

Tommy Johnagin, audience favorite from Minneapolis, says that he shakes a baby a little until it cries before a set. This guy is funny. He tells a joke about not liking fighting, and we cut to the audience where the Largest Breasts in Los Angeles are on full display. They're heaving with laughter, which is a good sign. More jokes about getting beat up. His jokes are well written, but the audience isn't particularly with him tonight and he doesn't finish strongly at all. Sorry, Tommy.

Dante, the audience favorite from L.A., tells us about his daughter Willow and her wish to have a puppy based on his performance. Wow, pressure, man. Oh, no. He's doing Wizard Of Oz with Jack Nicholson, Gilbert Gottfried, Christopher Lloyd, and Robert DeNiro. This joke has a combined age of like 600 years. Just based on the premise of this bit I don't think Willow's getting a puppy. The impressions are good. The bit is awful. Bad daddy. He gets a partial standing ovation. Bad audience!

Joe DeVito from Long Island is up. Hey, he does look like the Verizon guy! He's got decent jokes and pretty good delivery with some one-liners. The audience likes him, but it's such a short segment of a set that it's hard to get a sense of him. Gotta love that sweater vest, though.

Gina Yashere from London is next. Funny joke about a Nigerian mom's hatred of Santa Claus. Very funny. Good closing tooth fairy joke. I really like her. Please let her advance.

Lawrence Mooney of Australia says it's gonna be a long flight home if he doesn't make it further. Lame joke about how men and women see themselves differently in the mirror. Slightly better joke about pantyhose. That's gonna be a long flight home, dude.

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