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Semifinals #1

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Semifinals #1

Sarah Colonna from L.A. is next. A childproofing joke. Wow, she must have really been upset that The Bellamy's one joke was similar to the one she was going to do. Very dirty vibrator joke that's actually pretty funny. She closes with that.

Dwayne Kennedy goes next. He jokes about how hard Mexicans work. It's funny 'cuz it's true! He jokes that they'd have done three hundred years worth of slave labor in nine hours and still had time for a soccer game. Ha. Not bad.

Spencer Brown from (say it with me) Londontown. Backstage he jokes that his grandmother needs his winnings for an operation...but he doesn't think she really needs a boob job. Save it for the stage, ya crazy Brit! He opens with some dicey physical humor that doesn't really work. Not very funny sexism joke. Why do I like this guy so much if he doesn't make me laugh at all? Must be the Muppet hair.

Tracey Ashley from Miami is up. She jokes about her family's reaction to her white boyfriend. Tom Arnold claps loudly for the white boyfriend. She jokes about getting run over by a hippopotamus at the ATM. It's not super-funny, but the delivery is cute. As is Tracey Ashley.

Ralph Harris from Philadelphia. He does his entire set (at least what we see) doing the voice of his hundred-year-old grandfather at a birthday party. It's a bold choice. And not a particularly good one. I think Ralph's a goner. He says backstage that being able to do that voice on national TV was a dream come true. Good, because it's probably the last time.

Sabrina Matthews from Burbank! Woo! I like Sabrina. I laugh out loud from the first time when she says what she hates most about lesbian stereotypes is that they all apply to her. Funny joke about driving a beat-up truck. Oh, man. She's gotta make it through. She's been the best so far.

Adam Vincent from Australia. He's stoked to be on NBC. You do know that it's only our fourth most-popular network, right? He yells a lot and jokes about sitting on a sprinkler when you're a kid. Ah, good times. More yelling. And...that's it? I hope that adorable haircut gets you through, dude, because the jokes sure won't. Bellamy makes a face as Adam leaves the stage like, "This motherfucker's crazy!" The audience laughs. Backstage, Adam admits that didn't go exactly as planned.

From New York, Lori Chase is up. She doesn't get a title card, which is a little weird. Excruciating set about her and her gay former husband working on Broadway. Wow. This is a terrible set. I'm so sorry, audience. Backstage, she says that it was surreal and doesn't seem to remember anything. Neither will we.

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