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Tempe Auditions

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Tempe Auditions

All right. We're inside The Improvization. The first comic goes up. Ryan Hamilton of Salt Lake City goes up. We've seen him in the commercials, a lot. Before Ryan starts, Ant tells him he is the strangest person he's ever seen. Ryan flashes a lot of teeth and the Manson Lamps. Ryan says he's told he looks like a white Chris Rock. Ant cracks up. Ryan does a bit of Chris Rock and the scouts all love it. Ryan has some major affect going, but it works. He's pretty funny and seems polished. Alonzo tells him, "Stop it. We'll see you tonight." "He's hilarious," Ant mutters.

Going up to the stage in a hurry is a jogging Suli MuCullough from Studio City, California. He jokes about how tiny and skinny he is. It gets him in the show. Suli tells the camera in a testimonial that, logically, if you win Last Comic Standing, you're the funniest comedian in the world. That sounds reasonable until you think about it for about two or three seconds and realize it's total fucking bullshit.

Ken Voights and his brother Brady from Phoenix go to the stage. Brady has a little toy pink microphone and speaker set-up with him. He tells a lame joke about a girl with a lazy eye seeing someone on the side. Kathleen groans. Brady says that the girl is like a comfortable pair of shoes...that'd he likes to [bleep!]. Kathleen goes, "Whoa!" Alonzo laughs. Brady turns on the toy's musical beats. Kathleen dances. Brady wiggles. Ant goes, "Next!"

Montage of dancing, grunting, rejected comics. The sunshine is making these folks wacky! Crazy from the heat! Nipple pinch. Nipple flash (male). Monkey sounds. More of Brady dancing. It's not enough. He is rejected.

Andrew Orvedahl of Denver is next up. He slept on the sidewalk for two nights. He tells a not very good joke about getting into a car accident, and Ant gives his patented smitten-laugh. He extends the joke to make it a little funnier, and the scouts are won over.

Robin Reiser of L.A. comes to the stage. Gratuitous shot of Kathleen brightening up at the sight of a lady comedian. Waking-up-to-NPR bad news joke. It's pretty good. All three scouts laugh. Alonzo says he's not sold, but they're giving her a chance. Robin says she's happy to be here. That is awesome.

Chris Bennett of Tempe (hotbed of comedy) does a joke about nursing-home bingo that sounds way too familiar. Ant calls him out on it, saying he's heard these jokes at Drag Queen Bingo. Chris, taken aback says, "I haven't spent...much time...there." Rejected!

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