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Tempe Auditions

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Tempe Auditions

Nervous, waiting comedians. Chuck Roy's mom is there. I love him! Lavell Crawford talks again and I watch, mesmerized. Maybe this batch was really good. Moment of truth: the first comic chosen is Chuck Roy. Yes! Next to move on: Lavell Crawford. Good choices so far! The audience hoots loudly for him. Greg Warren moves on. Huh. Really? All right. Somebody get him a Maybelline sponsorship. The audience favorite: John Caparulo. Which is as it should be. He shakes a lot of hands and gives a lot of high-fives. All the other comics are really depressed. One more spot...and it goes to Ryan Hamilton. Yep, that one makes sense. Ryan flashes his huge grin. Most of the other comics clap. Backstage, Lavell dances. Kivi expresses no bitterness. Robin Reiser says, "Whatever" in a nice way. And that's it! Next week: the semi-finals.

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Last Comic Standing




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