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Chaplin purchases some ugly-ass fruit from the declining supplies of a crabby street vendor, who says they need to let in boats if he wants a better selection. He's only too happy to price-gouge him, though. As they step away, Kendal explains that the SEALs guarded Hopper's door while King left, and Prosser comes up to happily eat what he calls Chaplin's "hairy balls." That would be the fruit, of course. Kendal figures the SEALs are hiding something (what gave it away, other than the last five episodes?), and Chaplin decides to mess with SecDef Curry by saying the SEALs want to go public with what they know. Chaplin's lucky he's such a good bluffer, because he doesn't have a lot else going for him.

At the station, Shepard, Sophie and Nigel are looking at an internet news item that features a photo of Sam's wife being hugged in their house by his old buddy Paul Wells. Shepard quickly has him wipe it when Chaplin and Kendal come in asking for a video uplink to Curry, but he pops it back up on the big screen for Kendal, taunting him and pissing off both him and Chaplin before scurrying off to set up the video feed. Nigel's in a mood, y'all.

Tani and King walk out to a cliff and talk about whether he's going home now that Hopper's getting better. Suddenly Tani comes over all dreamy and walks toward what she thinks is her mum, only to step off the cliff. King catches her and drags her back, saving her from a fall but not a sudden headache. And then he notices a boatload of SEALs motoring in toward the island. They may or may not be real, but I'll just tell you right now that yeah, they're real.

Things are getting tense in the listening post, with Prosser walking in to report a problem in town and getting shut down because Nigel is getting even sassier. And then he pulls a server rack off the wall. This works as a nice segue for Prosser, who says the same thing's happening all over town, and he recognizes the signs of a chemical weapon called BZ, or Buzz, having volunteered as a test subject "back when music didn't suck." Shepard has already pulled a file and reads off the mind-bending effects of the stuff (paranoia, poor judgment, delusions, hallucinations, your basic Ally McBeal episode), which last about eight hours and ultimately lead to unconsciousness. They figure someone dosed the island's main water supply, but the good news is that it can be counteracted with adrenaline, epinephrine, and allergy meds. Chaplin assigns Shepard and Prosser to come with him onto the sub to wait it out at depth in the ocean (because that's so much safer than just parking the damn thing), and leaves Kendal in charge of the island. "Stay awake and alive for the next eight hours, because something bad's coming." You think?

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Last Resort




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