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Shepard and Chaplin seem to be the only two people still awake on the conn when there's an alarm indicating a fire in a machinery room -- near the oxygen tanks. Chaplin orders her to shut down the oxygen in that area, leaving the only air left to them "whatever you can smell." Chaplin hollers down the PA to the crew in that room, and for the absent COB, but there's no answer from either one. So he resolves to get the fire out himself, leaving Shepard with the conn.

Kendal and McClure have moved on to the monitoring station, where they -- or at least Kendal -- are trying to get the equipment online so they can reach the Colorado. Vision-Christine shows up to guilt Kendal about why they don't have kids, and McClure tells Kendal to wake up Sophie. He heads into her office where she's crashed out in a chair and tries to bring her around, but all he gets from her is some sleepy French, followed by, "He'll kill us. All for money." McClure comes in, sends Kendal back to work on the comm stuff some more, and injects Sophie back to unconsciousness, saying, "I can always kill you later." Flexibility is important on a mission like this.

On the sub, Chaplin makes his way past unconscious crewmen to... a pile of crayons on the floor, which turn to baby carrots when he picks one up. This can only mean one thing... and yep, here's a vision of his dead son Jeffrey in his single-digit years, running through the passageways in pajamas with his teddy bear. Chaplin follows into his quarters, where the screen showing the fire almost brings him back to alertness. Almost.

Kendal finds himself back home with Christine, who's got dinner on the table and is acting happy to see him, but accuses him of not wanting her to find out about that desk job Chaplin offered him in the pilot. He denies it and admits he wants his own command, but she wonders why he doesn't trust her. "I don't trust myself," he says. "Well, you shouldn't," she agrees. "And you shouldn't trust him." This last is directed at McClure, who is literally returning to the control room while Kendal figuratively does. The two of them manage to get Sophie into a chair and Kendal spots the bleeding puncture on her arm. And then the gun concealed in McClure's arm sling. His guilt-induced visions of Christine are proving helpful after all. Acting like he just needs his memory refreshed, Kendal quizzes McClure a bit more, and trips him up by getting him to say he reports to a guy who got promoted last month. So now it's on, as Kendal attacks the fake McClure and tries to grab his gun while Sophie begins to come around. They both get pretty bloody, but Kendal ends up holding the gun and demanding to know who McClure really is. Sophie wakes up enough to ask Kendal what he's doing, and while ripping off some duct tape, he tells Sophie, "I'll fix everything. You'll see, Christine." He promises to be home soon, and moments later McClure is duct-taped to a chair, with Kendal administering a none-too-gentle interrogation.

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Last Resort




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