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Back at the listening post, Shepard reports to Chaplin and Kendal that some sailors aren't reporting for their guard shifts, plus Brannan and Cortez are still missing. Oh, and Chief of the Boat Prosser is in what passes for the town jail. So she goes to visit Prosser in what amounts to an outdoor cage, guarded by some sailors who won't obey her orders and listen as Prosser taunts her. At least that's the dynamic until Chaplin shows up, when they open it right quick. Chaplin steps inside the cage, and Prosser yells at him about Shepard killing Stern and Chaplin's own refusal to follow the fire order that started all this trouble in the first place. Chaplin points out his reasons for doubt, which they agree is above the COB pay grade. But the Prosser says Chaplin's no longer the captain, either. So who is, then?

Kendal comes and finds Shepard, who's filled with doubt and asking to be relieved. Kendal's not about to do that. "They don't believe in you? You make them. Today." Like the way she showed them how to be strong yesterday? That worked out great. Then they notice the contrail of a jet high overhead, where it has absolutely no business being. "That's closer than 200 miles," Shepard obviouses.

Inside the station, Cameron's trying to ID the plane, the Eisenhower's getting ready to scramble intercept fighters, but Sophie (who I thought left on her high horse a while ago) grabs a headset and orders the pilot to turn around, in both English and French. It looks like it was just a passenger 747. Chaplin and Kendal head out on the roof to regard the now-curving contrail overhead as Kendal figures it got within 40 miles -- close enough for a Delta Force team to have jumped out and be here in six hours. Kendal decides to go try to intercept them with a team of his own. "Show strength, then talk," he says to Chaplin. Shepard volunteers on the spot to be Kendal's second. Sounds like a chance to make someone believe in her.

At the bar, the Navy SEAL named King wakes up from a hungover coma on the floor and, seeing the contrail in the sky, tells the owner to get herself off the island. "This whole place just became the biggest bulls-eye on the planet." She's not impressed by his hyperbole, given all the volcanic myths she and the other islanders have grown up with. Kendal and Shepard show up just in time to watch him vomit over the rail, then turn and greet them with a formal, "Gentlemen." He agrees with Kendal's Delta forecast, but that's about all they agree on, and Kendal ends up walking out on them. Shepard, however, follows King to the showers, and he lectures her on how a HALO jump strips away everything but the need to accomplish the mission -- even as he strips off his clothes. This King guy has a knack for symbolism, doesn't he? He not only refuses to help, he says that if it were up to him, he'd be with the invaders. So it's probably good that he's not helping.

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