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Kendal's next request for help is to Sophie, since he figures she knows the island better than anyone. Sophie's too disgusted about all the deaths in Pakistan to feel terribly helpful right now, and he hotly points out that he and his captain are the ones who didn't fire, so he wants her help protecting the island from the people who did. Shepard interrupts with weird that Kendal somehow has a phone call, even with the lines down. He steps into the other room and finds himself on the phone with his wife, who, after a few seconds of catching up, relays an offer of full amnesty, if only he gives up the sub...and Marcus. Kendal looks like he's considering it, even with Chaplin standing right behind him. Christine's about to add more, prompted by a nod from one of the spooks, but it turns to be, "Don't trust them! Whatever they say, whatever I say, don't trust them, just know that I love you." The line goes dead. From behind Kendal, where he's been this whole time, Chaplin tells him, "You knew this wouldn't just be bullets. They'll come at you where it hurts the most. You okay?" Kendal gets his mind back on his plan, which is to set up a kill zone for when the invaders show up. "Worst-case scenario, they get wise, they kill us all. Best case scenario, we send a complement of American body bags home. Either way this sucks." He hands Chaplin an envelope addressed to Christine, presumably in case he doesn't make it back. Chaplin reminds Kendal of the siege of Grozny in '94, when apparently thousands of Russians spent days killing each other, and for what? "Sometimes the enemy is just the man keeping you from getting home." Kendal looks at Chaplin, who maybe could have come up with a better way to put that, under the circumstances.

In D.C., Kylie Sinclair walks into a news bar (like sports bars, but in D.C.) and overhears some loudmouth predicting that the Colorado will be taken out in 24 hours. Kylie launches right into a stemwinder about how the Colorado's Tridents can be launched before a cruise missile can reach it, and then there's nothing anybody can do, "Because somebody kept my daddy from building Star Wars twenty years ago." And she's clearly still butt-hurt over it. A guy known to Kylie as her "favorite deep-cover mole in the Defense Department" (shocking him with both her indiscretion and clunky exposition) comes in and quietly reports to Kylie that Chaplin tested the Perseus prototype, and it works. Kylie wants champagne to celebrate, but Linus reminds her that the government is going to take it from her. Kylie figures she needs to figure out where the order for the Illinois to fire on the Colorado came from, and then she can do her thing to protect herself... i.e., some blackmail. Linus says he's out, until Kylie blackmails him into finding the order for her. This chick's a real prize.

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