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Sophie and Shepard have a little moment when Sophie tells her she didn't have a choice when it came to killing Stern. Shepard isn't exactly moved.

Watching the away team load up a truck from inside his cage, Prosser whispers to his guards, "Shepard killed one of us. Sometimes in battle, these things have a way of working themselves out." The guards take the hint, and step away to join the group. Kendal tries to stop Cameron from joining, but Cameron insists. Just then King and the other SEAL head past, dressed in their civvies and on their way to nowhere much. He and Shepard exchange a few more taunts before he goes on his way. And Sophie hops up into the truck's cab with Kendal to show him where the only pass is. What if somebody else had called shotgun?

In the interrogation room, the spooks are running down the Patriot Act-violating charges Christine's now party to. That doesn't seem to wear her down, so they cue up a video of some debriefing where Sam was being grilled about men who had died under his command. That upsets her, since this is the first she's hearing of it..

The away team is now hiking to meet the Delta Force, with Kendal and Sophie on point. Well, physically -- verbally, they're debating the futility of war, which is not terribly on point at all. Kendal hints that he used to think there was another way like Sophie does, but when she asks why he changed his mind he goes on ahead, dismissing her from the scene. You know, before she gets caught up in one of those battles she deplores so much.

Before moving out, one of Prosser's loyalists asks Shepard to check his weapon for him. She takes it, checks it, then hands it back, not trusting the sailor but also not knowing quite what he just accomplished. Are people going to be dusting weapons for prints after this?

King's back at the bar, where he's hoping for another drink. Instead, the owner, Tani, treats him to some island lore and a mark she paints on his face as a demonstration of the kinds of makers of honor that are bestowed on those who make piece. "Do you deserve them?" she asks. Seems a little late to ask after she already daubed a big black "J" on his puss.

In the video Christine is being forced to watch, Kendal is relating a story of being a military prisoner, which included such perks as forced games of Russian Roulette in the wee hours of the morning. The male spook pauses the tape and tells Christine that Sam was a POW in North Korea for 17 days, until Chaplin somehow forced his release. Again, this is all news to Christine. Their point is that if Chaplin could get Kendal to lie to his wife, what else might he get him to do?

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