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Back at the station, Chaplin raises Kendal, who reports that the Russians have fled, they lost five, and Shepard's wounded but expected to survive. Plus they even have two prisoners to bring back. I'm still not clear on how eight or ten guys were supposed to overpower a whole submarine crew of 150 in the first place. Even if it's now down to 130 (12 killed by the Illinois last week, plus Stern by Shepard, plus the five just now, plus the missing Brannan and Cortez). And yes, I do plan to keep track.

Back at the interrogation room, the spooks watch Christine through the one-way glass. A new guy comes in, confident he can break her where they haven't been able to. He goes into the room, feigning breathlessness, pretending that he's here to help. He says he's a friend of Sam's from college, and Christine is polite enough to pretend to remember him. He acts all mad about the government's actions toward her, and a moment later, Christine accepts his offer to take her home. Hers, I presume. I get that they're trying to trick her into helping them, but I don't know what help they expect her to be able to give. She's clearly not in all of Kendal's loops, as they've demonstrated to her themselves.

In the village, Sam watches the body bags holding his men being unloaded from the truck. As for the live Russian prisoners, Prosser's man Red is prepared to shoot them on the spot. Kendal's not able to talk him down, but fortunately Chaplin comes in to calm everyone with some understanding of their fear and bloodlust, and a stirring speech regarding same. "Vengeance might give you some satisfaction, but let me remind you who you are. You are the American crew of the Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine Colorado. Your rank is what it says on your collar. You salute the sailor above you and you expect the same of the one below. And your final duty is to say how high when I say jump. Are we clear?" There's a general mumbling, and he bellows, "Are we clear?" That time he gets more of an answer, even if it isn't "So say we all." He says there's no debate about their POWs: "Lieutenant Shepard, secure the prisoners." Does that mean locking them up with Prosser? Speaking of whom, Shepard gets in his face and says, "I know what you did. Try it again, I'll still be here." Well, that'll certainly terrify him.

But Prosser's not done stirring up shit today; he hollers out at the passing captain for him to tell everyone what he told him when they were "still pals." Namely, that Chaplin's son Jeffrey was "killed by friendly fire two weeks ago in Afghanistan. These young people have followed you into a hell they'll never be able to climb back out of. For what? Because you wanted payback on the country that took your son away from you?" Everyone looks on in mingled horror and sympathy, but Chaplin just calmly says, "You know me, Joe. All of you. You know me." Exit the captain. It's probably just as well he didn't say "jump" on the way out.

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