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King's back at the bar when a banged-up Shepard sits down next to him. "One more for me, one for the lady with the... face," King orders. Shepard came to thank him and give him a list of the names of the people they lost. He pushes it back to her, saying he's got his own, much longer list. "One of these days you're going to have to decide what you believe in," she says, downing the drink he bought her. "What does it feel like?" King asks her. "It's a hell of a buzz, isn't it?" She leaves without responding. And Tani proudly tells King he became a peacemaker. "I just ran out of people to kill," King retorts. Same difference, right?

Kylie's still watching the news in the restaurant (apparently Congress has suddenly come over all supportive of the President now that there's shooting going on), waiting for a call. When he cell phone rings, she snaps into it, I did my part, how abou--" That can't be good.

Cut to Kylie walking into a hospital room, where her good buddy Linus is in a bed hooked up to machines. His wife is also there, explaining that Linus supposedly had some kind of allergic reaction, but his brain got no oxygen for ten minutes. "So how could that be an accident?" Good question. The wife accuses Kylie of getting Linus into this, and of being someone who's touched by nothing. Without saying a word, Kylie straight-up raids Linus's pants pocket right in front of his bereaved, furious wife and finds a slip of paper with "Order 998" scrawled on it. "I hope you die alone!" Mrs. Linus says. Kylie leaves the room, looking rather guilty but essentially untouched, because at least she got what she wanted.

Kendal finds Chaplin in his temporary quarters at the station, reports that the search is on for Brannan and Cortez, and sits down to reminisce about a past deployment with an inauspicious beginning, three weeks after Kendal's wedding. Kendal remembers Jeffrey being on the pier to watch the department. And there goes Chaplin. Are you happy now, Kendal? You made your captain cry. "Gimme your dumb hand sir," Kendal says, clasping it and saying he can't imagine Chaplin's going through. "But I am your friend, and I know who you are. I trust you. They find what hurts you the most and they try to break you with it. But that's where they miss. What hurts us the most, that's our strength. That's what gets us through." Red-eyed, Chaplin nods bravely, and hands back the letter Kendal gave him for Christine. They shake hands, and Kendal leaves the room. Chaplin dons his hat, with fresh purpose and resolve and a jaunty angle.

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