Last Resort

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We All Live in a Yelly Submarine

It's tense and quiet on the Colorado's conn, until a call comes through from a guy doing an excellent Kevin Spacey impression as he identifies himself as Deputy Secretary of Defense William Curry. Chaplin recognizes Curry's voice, but while he's wondering why he isn't hearing from the actual secretary or even the president (because Chaplin considers himself just that important in the middle of a possible nuclear engagement), Curry cuts in to relieve him of command, "under section 472 of the Naval Code." Curry orders the phone handed to Kendal, and after a significant pause, Chaplin does so. Kendal's promoted to acting captain of the Colorado on the spot, and confirms to Curry that he has the order. He then tells Shepard to take Chaplin's key from him and put it into the firing computer. Chaplin hands it to her without a word, and soon both keys are in the locks, just waiting to be turned. But after some more dramatic staring all around, Kendal repeats Chaplin's request for the order to be resent through the regular channel. Curry tells him to stand by and hangs up.

While they're waiting, the SEALs Langston and King come charging in demanding to know why the conn is refusing orders (as Chaplin quietly yoinks his key back out and holds onto it for now). Kendal and Chaplin point out that this has nothing do with the SEALs, even though it obviously does have something to do with the mission they were just on or they wouldn't be up here getting all owly. And not only do they refuse to leave, they draw their sidearms on Chaplin and Kendal. But the manly posturing is cut short when Cameron reports an incoming cruise missile twenty seconds from impact. There are repeated shouts of "emergency deep!" as the sub crash-dives. The cruise missile hits the water and detonates just under the surface almost directly above them, accelerating the dive but good and sending sparks flying around the pitching conn. Shepard rushes to reboot the control systems while Kendal reports to all hands that there's "water in the boat" and orders some of the forward sections sealed off, like auxiliary engines and sickbay. Except, oops, the wounded SEAL is in the latter area. Don't seal off the SEAL! Kendal heads forward with the Langston and King to take care of it himself while Chaplin orders an "emergency blow." Sounds like something else Kylie Sinclair might know all about. But it's too late -- they're about to hit the bottom, and at long last we go to commercial with the sub half-buried in the silty ocean floor. The end!

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Last Resort




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