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We All Live in a Yelly Submarine

In the lobby of some government building in D.C., the news of the Colorado's "sinking" is all over the monitors, although the attack is officially being blamed on a Pakistani warship. An admiral played by Bruce Davison (Senator Kelly from X-Men, so his trustworthiness remains in question) enters the lobby with his entourage, only to be almost immediately intercepted by Kylie, who says he'll want to talk to her about the prototype she had on the Colorado. "We've been attacked, we're at DEFCON 2, and you want to talk about your toy?" the Admiral snarls at her. She insists that her equipment goes on the next boat if the admiral wants her to keep quiet about what she knows, but he's not impressed. Nor is she cowed, showing him the "472 Chaplin" text she got five minutes before the missile strike. She knew nobody was going to take a chance with a rogue captain in control of 18 Trident missiles. "So you sank your own boat. You son of a bitch, you sank your daughter's boat." Did I mention that this is the admiral whose kid Lieutenant Shepard is? That's probably relevant. She seems almost as upset about this as he is... which is when she realizes that he didn't know until she just told him. But at least he gets away from her. And considering that so far the two things she's done on this show are blackmail and literal self-pimping to promote her product, he's probably better off that way.

Kendal takes a quiet moment in a companionway to flash back to his emotional farewell with his wife two months ago, and to reach into his pocket to look at her photo again. But of course it's floating somewhere in sickbay. He's still fumbling for it when Shepard finds him, wondering what she's supposed to tell people. He tells her to keep mum, and "show them how to be strong." That should work. Before going, she says, "If you had told me to, I would have turned that key. Thank you for not making me." You're welcome. But the show's not over yet.

At the warning station, Sophie is declaring her Hazeltella "better than sex," prompting her colleague to make a lame joke that telegraphs his crush on her. Which, ironically, in this room full of screens and displays appears to be the one signal that she can't pick up. A report comes on about the Pakistanis supposedly sinking the Colorado, and just as they're confused about why the official channels are pushing this obvious (to them) lie, the screen lights up with radar blips tracking actual, current missiles zooming north from the Indian Ocean to Pakistan. If the Colorado wouldn't do it, someone else would, apparently. The guy gets on the phone and asks, "Are we shooting at Pakistan?" They watch in horror as the blips register impact, and Sophie gasps and cries like one of them landed on her dog.

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