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Silent Cunning

Sophie appears to be packing up her beachside camp to evacuate the island with her equally French boyfriend and his kids while Kendal asks for her help talking to Julian. She agrees, but only if she meets with Julian and Chaplin alone. "He's sweet on me," she assures a concerned Kendal, then takes leave of her disapproving boyfriend, who threatens to leave on the boats by six if she's not back by then. Aw, young love.

A battered Cortez, Brannan, and Redman linger over their lunch in Julian's house, while that worthy stalks around with his shirt gratuitously unbuttoned and bitching about what it's going to take to get Chaplin to come to him already. He's about to have his guys take a chunk out of them for the accidental shooting death of some island kid, but Cortez puts a stop to it, offering Julian a private moment, if he knows what she means.

SecDef Curry is on the TV, and now that we can see his face I recognize him as recurring nemesis Brennan from Burn Notice, back when I used to cover that show. Kylie's watching him claim that Pakistan had distributed portable nukes to terrorists, so there was no choice but to nuke them first. "Preemptive nuclear war is our new official policy," Kylie worriedly tells her bed partner as the TV wakes him up. It's Robert, the senate staffer she was bedding in the pilot, so apparently she's not done with that senator yet. She gets a call and goes out to meet whoever it is, first retrieving her only schematic of her prototype on the Colorado from her safe. Which she ever-so-wisely tells Robert all about.

Cut to Kylie in an abandoned parking garage. Admiral Shepard steps out of nowhere, relaying Chaplin's claim that the Colorado's nuke order came through the Antarctic network, which Kylie knows is impossible. "Who believes a trigger-happy madman anyway?" The admiral know that Kylie does, which is why she's here, and he needs to know who sent it. Kylie mentions Linus, now comatose from his shellfish allergy. "I'm allergic to nothing, by the way, so if that happens, throw a flag on the play, will you?" Shepard points out that Kylie's got a little more juice than Linus, what with a dad who plays golf with the president. And also, "You're a parasite who traffics in war without ever getting her hands dirty, and this country has made you rich behind your family's weapons. Aren't you ready to do something in return?" That seems to get through to her, and she hands over the order's file number she raided from Linus's pants pockets. The admiral says it's a start, but she needs to start making some real noise. I imagine that's something she's be good at, given how she got in his face in the pilot. Speaking of which, what are they doing meeting 24-style when the pilot showed the admiral walking into Kylie's apartment?

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