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Silent Cunning

Cortez is thrown back into the room with the other sailors when Julian's done with her. Brannan thanks her for her sacrifice, and a moment later they're all dropped into a cellar and guns held to their heads, now that visitors are here. Sophie shows up with Chaplin and introduces the two leaders to each other, then makes herself scares. The meeting starts out amicably enough, but Julian soon starts preening angrily about the dead kid and how it's Chaplin's fault. Chaplin acts reasonable, saying there's no need to quarrel. "'Because if we do, you'll lose." Julian threatens Chaplin with death by a thousand cuts, but then initiates a thinly veiled negotiation in which Chaplin will get his crew members back if he uses the Colorado to retrieve some of Julian's cargo from a boat waiting outside the blockade. The only catch is that Chaplin has to do it by dawn. "I wish you had come to me sooner," Julian says.

The bar owner, Tani, is ferrying her new best friend King upriver on a motorboat to her family's place for dinner, I guess. In the course of their conversation, we learn that Tani's mom is dead, but King's folks aren't, which he conveys with a brief, "Yep." Maybe he thinks he's not going to dinner, but captured.

The Colorado is underway. On the conn, Prosser remarks to Chaplin and Kendal, "Can't say I like the idea of being a bagman for a drug lord." Chaplin pleasantly wonders who asked him anyway, and Kendal gets on the mic to remind his crew that this is to get their missing people back. Which I'm sure will motivate every member of the crew aside from those who share bunks with Cortez, Brannan, and Redman.

Back at the station, Shepard is manning the radar screen, reporting that the sub is approaching the blockade. Chaplin has Engineering fire up the Perseus prototype and the boat drops off the screen as Chaplin orders a timer set for the nine remaining hours to dawn. It's getting more 24 by the minute up in this bitch.

Kylie bursts into her boyfriend's office to have him ask his senator to pull the time stamp on her order, charming him into reluctantly agreeing to work on it. "Make sure it goes through the senator," she advises. "Don't do it yourself." God knows what Robert's allergic to, after all.

The Colorado is approaching the blockade underwater and is about to duck between two destroyers when suddenly the Perseus briefly crashes, and they're visible on sonar while they have to reboot it. Doesn't look like the destroyers noticed, though. Soon the sub surfaces in darkness near a boat anchored offshore, with almost seven hours left. They offload the cases without opening them and prepare to dive again. "What's in 'em?" a nosy sailor asks Kendal. "Three lives," the XO says. Funny, they look heavier than 63 grams.

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