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Silent Cunning

Underwater, Prosser reports on the status of the boat: Perseus fried half of its shit, including navigation, so they have no way to find their way out of here. Thanks a lump, Kylie. There are only eighteen minutes left, so Kendal gets on the horn to Shepard to ask her for a position. She's got nothing, and it sounds like they're cut off to boot, but suddenly Sophie comes on the line, with a handy undersea chart and everything. With Kendal relaying her instructions to the helm, she talks them through the canyon turn by turn, with only two sonar pings and just a little scrape on the side. I don't know how the entire Navy isn't picking up on any of this, not least of all the radio communication. Which I keep meaning to check, is that even possible from a submerged submarine? Next the show will be telling us Colorado can use her transporter beam with the deflector shields up. Sophie ignores the blip representing a small boat leaving the island and gets back to the task at hand, remotely reading the Colorado's sonar pings and guiding Kendal through its every move with a stopwatch in hand. I understand that they have to speak softly under the circumstances, but Sophie and Kendal are all but having phone sex as she gingerly guides his every move and he gives himself over to her totally trustingly. Get those two into a cold shower already, they're both taken. But soon the sub is clear of the canyon, and Chaplin orders them back to the beach. That's the good news. But the bad news is that the clock is at zero and the sun is up.

At Julian's compound, Julian has his prisoners manhandled into his presence and offers to let them choose among themselves which one of them is going to pay for Chaplin's tardiness. And since he's wielding a gun instead of a credit card reader, I don't think he's accepting Visa. "Take him," Brannan says, gesturing to Redman, who is dragged out and shot offscreen. That's what he gets for having the name Redman.

Chaplin and several of his crewmen meet Julian in the jungle to deliver his cases. "I could kill you right now," Julian threatens, still all crabby even though he's gotten what he wanted. 'Do you want a war?" Chaplin threatens right back. Julian makes kissy noises to signal that it's time to bring out the prisoners. Brannan and Cortez are brought out, and when Chaplin asks after the third, Julian angrily explains that Chaplin was late. Chaplin makes a face like there's going to be an epic Braugherian beatdown...but not now.

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