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Songs in the Key of Betrayal

That would be Julian Serrat, whose house they roll up to in force, weapons leveled, while he's having a little afternoon get-together whose guests include Sophie. Chaplin says Julian should have posted more guards, as though enough exist, and has Prosser to give the order to search the place. Chaplin offers to let Julian tell him where his missing item is, and threatens him with the 28 cruise missiles he still has on board. Julian admits that this is the first time he's been threatened with a cruise missile. Rookie. While sailors start carrying boxes out, Kendal gives the order to search Julian's person. Coincidentally, that task falls to Brannan, who's somehow back on active duty after trying to hijack the Colorado a few episodes ago. Nor has he forgotten his last visit to Julian's.

King again wakes up in Tani's bed, and after some chatting she offers to help him bury the other two dead SEALs, but he declines, saying it has to be just him and Hopper. No girls allowed. She offers to close down early and get him drunk when he comes back, and he says she's good for him, which is something he's not used to. Think he'll mess it up?

At the monitoring station, Kendal's now searching Sophie's office in her absence, and stashing some of Julian's stuff there. She doesn't even have a screen saver password on her laptop, which he opens up already cued to the beginning of his beating of Booth last week. Yeah, could be a worse bit of footage, especially considering how obsessively Sophie was rewatching it at the end of last week's episode. I'm surprised the scene isn't phosphor-burned into her screen. Sophie comes in, not happy, and he gets right back in her face about being at Julian's. She dares him to search her, "But you know I was not involved." He says he doesn't know what she is, and she says that makes two of them. Burn.

Prosser goes up to a big guy on the street to tell him to stop selling his drugs to sailors. The dude just sneers and walks away, at which point Prosser takes his hand off his sidearm. Glad that was resolved.

Kendal is alone with Booth and going further into the backstory, as Booth verifies Kendal's suspicion that the attack on Pakistan was a pretext to justify the president's power grab. "Enjoy, man, you're the good guys. But here's the twist: so are we." He starts talking about how nobody knows whether Chaplin is playing chess or is actually insane, and starts telling Kendal all about Chaplin's psych profile. Kendal just laughs it off, and asks how they get home. Booth says that's not what they want: the Colorado needs to stay put, as a symbol of resistance. But with Kendal in charge instead of Chaplin. Booth says it could be over in six months to a year. Kendal doesn't want to wait that long, but Booth offers to sweeten the deal -- by bringing Christine to the island. Which I'm sure she'd love. She and Sophie would adore each other.

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