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Songs in the Key of Betrayal

Cortez, Shepard, and the other female crewmembers are making their way through the jungle at night and tweaking Shepard a bit about how uptight she is. Which is, you know, fair.

Kendal returns to Sophie's office for another look at those green vials he saw earlier, which I guess he's just realized are similar to some confiscated from Julian. Sophie comes in, and when Kendal starts making with the accusatory questions about Sophie and Julian some more, she asks if he's going to beat her up like he did Booth. Which is a bad move because Kendal returns to her laptop for the footage, asking if it looks like he's enjoying it. Well, then it cuts to the footage of him kissing Sophie when he thought she was Christine due to the effects of the BZ attack, which it does look like he enjoyed. "What's this?" he asks, and she walks out. Okay, awkward.

On the beach around a bonfire, Shepard is confessing to the other crewwomen about how she once took the SATs for someone else. Cortez steps out of the circle, and Shepard goes to ask her what really happened during her captivity with Julian. Cortez says nothing dirty, like everyone thinks; she promised to spy for him aboard the Colorado, but the deal was off after Julian killed Redman. Shepard asks if she really would have done it, and Cortez's answer is in the form a story about a dog she had as a girl that turned on her and got shot by her dad, who said you can never trust a dog after it turns on you. "Same with a traitor," she says. Was that the question?

Christine's doing a TV interview at home, talking about how the administration is lying about Amanda Straw's death. The interviewer says that's a serious allegation, and when Kylie nods at Christine from behind the camera, she busts out that photo of Amanda Straw, which Christine says is part of a cover-up of a bigger story that includes Kendal and the Colorado. Kylie certainly didn't waste any time, did she?

The drug dealer marches into Julian's house during dinner to show off his wounds, and Julian seems pretty pissed off about it. Even more than his baseline, I mean.

The crew is mustered on the beach, and Kendal tells them all a joke about a little boy who claims to be building an NCO out of a pile of manure. They don't seem appreciative of the story until it gets to the end and the boy in the joke explains, "I don't have enough crap to build an officer." That gets a laugh, although I can't believe it's the first time any of them have heard it. He keeps telling them jokes until some guys show up at his prearrangement with a stretcher full of beer, which he hands out while letting them watch an old football game projected on a sheet. And just like that, they're won back over. Morale is easy, it turns out.

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