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Songs in the Key of Betrayal

Paul Wells shows up at Christine's house in a panic about her latest interview. She claims the photo just showed up in her mailbox, and when Paul yells at her, she yells back that she's under a lot of pressure, plus there's even a leaky faucet keeping her awake on top of everything else. Paul apologizes and offers to take a look. And the light going on in Christine's bathroom is the signal to Kylie, waiting out back, to do her stuff. She activates one of the devices she's holding, and the whole lot full of cars chirps obligingly before she gets into Paul's and plugs the device into the car's USB port. Good thing it has one, right? The program starts downloading, but Paul soon decides he needs to get his toolkit out of the car. Christine stalls him by getting all flirty and sweet, and then he kisses her. That man has absolutely no sales resistance. She backs away, acting confused and asking him to be patient. Yeah, like more than a second. At least Kylie has the car rigged by now.

Shepard finds King out on the beach and after exchanging compliments on how well they handled the recent crisis, she kisses him. He pulls away, but only to let her hair down. "Been wondering what that looks like," he says, and soon they're undressing each other there on the beach like another timer's about to go off any second. Aw, poor Tani, who I don't care about. After the ads, they quickly get dressed, agreeing that it was a one-time ting and tersely thanking each other. Sure it's a one-time thing. Bad move, King, potentially betraying the island's primary source of liquor and the owner of a bed that's probably a lot more comfortable than wherever Shepard sleeps.

Chaplin, Kendal, and an armed squad show up at Julian's house, Chaplin screaming, "WHERE IS HE?" Julian comes out saying Chaplin doesn't know what he's looking for, and produces some stooge he's had beaten and tied up, claiming that's the guy who wired Snyder. And that Chaplin can't take Julian anyway, because the people of the island love him too much to allow it. The stooge even confesses that he acted alone, as Julian obviously coached him to do. Chaplin turns to Snyder, who nods. Julian offers to deal with the man, but Chaplin says he's got it. "This man has admitted to the attempted mass murder of my crew. Chaplin draws his sidearm and hands it to Brannan, who shoots the prisoner in the chest and then levels the weapon at Julian. Shocked that the U.S. Navy just went that dark on him, Julian tries to make a break for it, only run into a personal beatdown from Chaplin himself. "Try me again, and I will be your judge, jury, and executioner," Chaplin spits into Julian's face, while Kendal looks at him with shock. And maybe wondering if he might be crazy after all. Again.

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