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Lieutenant Grace Under Fire
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Chaplin and Kendal are really going at it hammer and tongs about the captain's recent actions while wearing their dress whites. No, it isn't slashfic; they're staging a little role playing with Kendal as Secretary of Defense Curry. No, it's still not slashfic. Kendal accuses Chaplin of holding 141 sailors against their will, half of whom signed a list wanting out (and ten of whom are already dead, according to my running tally). "Curry doesn't know that," Chaplin reminds Kendal. Apparently the SecDef is on his way to negotiate in person, which Chaplin figures is due to some Chinese saber-rattling. He advises Kendal to control his feelings with Curry, "Or I guarantee you he'll control them for you."

Kendal heads up to the roof of the station for some fresh air and ends up getting flirted with by Sophie, who's drinking some of the last of her coffee. Suddenly Kendal is called down into the monitoring station, where Sophie's employee (who thought they were already out of coffee) explains, with an assist from Sophie, that a big hole has opened up in the sonar array around their perimeter. Kendal gets on the horn to call battle stations, but they tell him it's just a dead battery. As for who fixes it? The U.S. Navy. "Should I get you their number?" Sophie's employee asks sarcastically.

Kendal goes and dispatches Shepard to take the Colorado out to deal with this, and to be ready for action in case it's not just a coincidental battery problem on the day of Curry's visit. He leaves her to it, and to some mocking from Prosser. Just when she was starting to feel important, too.

Shepard's next stop is the bar, where she's looking for King to tell her which of his surviving fellow SEALs is the better deep diver. He makes a late entrance, wet and shirtless from the shower, and says he's the diver they need. "Thought you were done with these people, James," Tani monotones in disappointment, but King is off to gear up for the mission, leaving Shepard to tell Tani that a SEAL will do just about anything for a thrill. Except Tani, so far, judging by her reaction to that remark.

Down on the beach, Kendal, Chaplin, and a mess of Colorado sailors watch as a delegation comes in on launches from a destroyer riding at anchor some distance out. In addition to a bunch of MPs, there's Curry himself, negotiator Amanda Straw, and Admiral Shepard, the father of Chaplin's second officer. Chaplin figures they're bringing along an old friend to talk down the nut in the bell tower. Chaplin turns to his crew and orders them to show strength, resolve, and unity, and if they do that, they might all get to go home today. That would make for a very short series, so don't hold your breath. He makes himself scarce before the boats land moments later, and Curry's first words are actually to Chaplin's crew, offering to protect anyone who wants out now. Too late; they're all in. "Very well. So shall you hang," Curry says self-importantly. The admiral quietly asks Kendal where Chaplin is, but Kendal knows he's really more concerned about his daughter. Kendal says they weren't expecting him, but the admiral's disappointment is rather leavened by pride when he learns she's the one currently commanding the Colorado out at sea.

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