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Lieutenant Grace Under Fire

On board the sub, Prosser complains to Shepard about Sophie being on the conn while French and their limited crew, which means, "maybe we can run, maybe we can fight, but we sure as Shinola cannot run and fight." Seriously, this character is saltier than an empty bag of pretzels. Shepard tries to dismiss Prosser, but he doesn't dismiss too good. He finally leaves after some more bitching, and Shepard starts giving orders, telling Cahill he can call her either sir or ma'am when he slips and calls her the former. Galacticer and Galacticer.

The talks with Curry have moved to what may or may not be church some distance from the shore. On the one hand, it has a big stone cross standing outside, but on the other, the structure looks more like a picnic shelter on Gilligan's Island. Curry's going on and on to Chaplin about the untenability of his situation. Kendal asks if there's an offer or not, and they begin rehashing all the stuff they've been through the past four weeks. Curry angrily says a pair of chimpanzees could have done what they didn't and concludes, "My offer is treason." Straw backs him up on that with the formalities, saying all officers will face court-martial, and every member of the crew gets seven years. Curry reasonably says they'll skip the death penalty given the death of Chaplin's son, which is when Chaplin hurls aside the table between them and grabs Curry by the jacket, saying that if he wants to kill Chaplin, he had his shot and he missed. "If you say my son's name again, I swear I will crush the jelly from your eyes." This must be what he meant when he told Kendal to control his feelings. Kendal gets everyone in the hut, sailors and MPs, to lower their recently leveled weapons, and Chaplin marches right out of there. Straw advises Kendal that he still has a lot to live for. "Don't tie it all to a man with nothing to lose." Hey, at least Chaplin still has his Shakespeare.

Kendal catches up with Chaplin and reminds him of his own advice, but Chaplin unrepentantly says, "He pissed me off." Kendal yells at him and says he'd be willing to do five or six years if it means going home and no one else dies. Chaplin's not trying to hear that, but Kendal thinks it's what he can get. "That is the United States of America in there, and they do not apologize." Well, that depends on who you talk to.

Inside the airlock of the Colorado, Sophie is giving diving instructions to King, who says it's not his first rodeo. But we had to establish the importance of the tether tying King to the sub. This leads to a long digression from Prosser about rodeos and how French is the opposite of cowboy. Sophie tells him Robert Duvall is French. "You take that back," he spits. Shepard joins them and is horrified to see the big, fat noisy power drill King's going to have to use to open up the sensor. She'd rather he used a wrench, but he protests that he'll end up using his air too fast. "It's the job of the captain to review all the mission assets," Prosser reminds her. She says to use the drill, but fast, and following her back up the companionway, Prosser warns her that if she lets her ego drive the boat, "People will get dead." Stop poking it, then.

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