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Lieutenant Grace Under Fire

Meanwhile, Admiral Shepard updates Chaplin on the political aftermath of the nuking of Pakistan, and how half the Joint Chiefs are waiting for Chaplin to be the guy who makes it possible for them to remove the president. Chaplin says he wants his people home, and the Admiral agrees regarding his daughter. "But I don't know what that home is becoming." Hey, that's not what Straw told him to say at all.

In D.C., Kylie is arguing with a maitre'd who gave away her usual table at her usual restaurant. When he goes to get the owner, Kylie spots her (ex) bed buddy Robert at another table, then goes over and loudly accuses him of sleeping with her and then stealing her hard drive, "That makes two times you screwed me, and I'm still not sure which one was more disappointing." After dismissing Robert's date by threatening to "erase you from every guest list in the city," she sits down across from Robert and says she stopped going along with everyone when she realized everyone was a backstabbing hypocrite. He reminds her that she used to be one too. "Gonna miss you," he smugs. And then she's ejected from the restaurant. Wow, is D.C. really this high school?

While being led out, she catches sight of another replay of Christine Kendal's meltdown on the TV news. That's a slick segue across town to Christine's place, where Kendal's old "friend" Paul Wells presents her with purported emails between Kendal and Chaplin, allegedly outline "their" plan to defect to China and sell the Colorado. Christine's not buying it, arguing more that Kendal would never do this rather than pointing out that two people who spend all their time together in a series of welded-together closets hardly need to take the idiotic risk of putting such a plan in writing, but she can't deny that Kendal was different after coming home from North Korea. Well, who wouldn't be?

Out on the beach, Chaplin again meets Curry, who has shed his jacket and tie and is now skipping stones into the surf. Curry's decided to try the good cop bit, saying he likes Chaplin and can even help him carve out his own little place here if that's what he wants. Chaplin's sticking to his guns, though, saying that with China moving on Taiwan, Curry must really be interested in freeing up his ships blockading the island, and all Chaplin wants to do so Curry can make that happen is tell the truth in court. "We are reshaping the face of this planet and you want to stand on a soapbox and plead for the truth?" Curry says, calling Chaplin a fool. "Because the truth is gonna be whatever we say it is." Chaplin asks Curry if he ever thinks about how history will judge what he did to Pakistan, causing Curry to change the subject yet again. Curry's not exactly coming off like the guy in favor of justice here, is he?

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