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On the conn, Kendal quietly goes to Cahill and asks if there have been any secret messages lately. After Cahill's guilty look, we're suddenly in the monitoring station, watching a video of Secretary of Defense Curry ordering someone to take out Chaplin and Kendal and either seize or scuttle the Colorado. Cahill confesses to Chaplin that he got it yesterday and didn't know what to do. Chaplin dismisses Cahill, and Shepard reports that the same message has shown up in five family-grams and she wants to do some checking. Chaplin's fine with that, but insists they're still running today's drill, as planned. What could go wrong, after all? Five times?

Kendal sits down in front of the video camera operated by Sophie, who promises she can get the tape off the island without saying how. Kendal starts by telling his wife that there's something she needs to know.

Cut to Sophie at Julian's place, where he's taken delivery of a big box of crap that her geologist ex-boyfriend apparently ordered before bugging out. Julian explains that certain minerals and chemicals are going to be mined for billions of dollars over the next ten years, and if there are any on the island he wants a piece of that action. She tries to demur, but Julian insists that he owes her. No sooner has she carried crate of stuff out of there than Julian turns around to find himself not alone; King and another SEAL are in there with him, armed, and they want the morphine back. Julian's pretty accommodating when he's outgunned and outnumbered, as it turns out.

The crew is mustered on the dock as planned, with Chaplin joining them, also as planned, all but daring anyone to take a shot at him. Or at least that's what the musical score wants us to think.

While the Colorado is underway, Anders says to Kendal that the list is bullshit. "I'm the senior nuclear chief on this boat. He's not going to let me go no matter what... Look at me, I'm indispensable." He doesn't seem as happy about that as a lot of people would be. You know, in this economy.

Things are back to normal in D.C., meaning it's nighttime again. Christine becomes aware of a media circus setting up outside her house. Elsewhere, in a very nice mansion that I assume belongs to Mr. Sinclair, Kylie and her dad are watching a news report about the "Bolton Doctrine," meaning preemptive nuclear force. I don't know if that refers to John Bolton or Michael Bolton; they both have a lot to answer for, if you ask me. He turns it off, and Kylie's still upset about her specs being gone, even as he tells her to let it go. Well, and then he confesses that he was the one to told Robert to take it in the first place, at the president's request, insisting that he was protecting their family's future. "There are a lot of nervous, powerful people in Washington right now so we are going to sit this one out." She agrees to trust him, whether she means it or not.

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Last Resort




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