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Choose and Lose

In the island hospital, King gives his hurt friend Hopper a shot of morphine and starts asking him about what happened and why they killed someone. Hopper says something about orders changing, but the morphine kicks in and he's done talking. Even opiates are part of the conspiracy now.

On the Colorado, Chaplin gives Shepard the conn and announces the beginning of the drill.

Paul Wells shows up at Christine's house. Remember him, the guy who swooped in to rescue her from the government spooks, saying he was a friend of Kendal's, but secretly working with the bad guys? To, I guess, find out how ignorant she really is about all of this? She's out of cash, gas, groceries, and support, so she reluctantly accepts the $217 in his wallet. He warns her that it's going to be tough, but he's there for her. She accepts a comforting hug, but not his advice to not go out onto the yard swinging a baseball bat at the noisy reporters. Which she does. Someone also spray-painted the word "TRAITOR" on her garage door, so she goes up to that white van and starts trying to break the windows and demanding the occupants come out. Neither of which succeed. Then she turns to the cameras and says the government is lying about what happened with the Colorado. "I want the truth, and you should too!"

Sophie is on a hill working with the geological equipment her own damn self. She adds chemicals to a soil sample, which turns green. Sophie looks pensive. Uh-oh, does this mean the island is pregnant?

Kendal is on video telling his wife he's staying, but it's being watched not by her, but by Julian and a couple of his girlfriends at his house. Obviously Sophie's not pleased when she walks in and sees it. Julian agrees to send the tape without apologizing, adding a dig about how Kendal wasn't talking to Sophie, and she shows Julian some fake, red-colored results of her soil samples, saying the minerals Julian's looking for aren't on the island. Threateningly, Julian orders her to keep looking.

The Colorado finishes the drill, and Chaplin's pleased enough about the ten seconds they shaved off to reward the crew with ice cream. But the mood is rather spoiled when Brannan shows up on the conn and pulls out a grenade, ordering Chaplin to set a course to the blockade and surrender. Chaplin clears everyone else off the conn while Kendal hands out small arms below decks, including to Prosser, who reminds Kendal, "He's threatening my boat too, and my men on it." Good enough for Kendal. Up on the conn, Chaplin's trying to talk Brannan down, giving him credit for standing up to authority, just like Chaplin is. Cortez tries to stop Kendal, but Kendal isn't stopping. Chaplin is still lecturing Brannan about how they signed up to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Brannan reminds Chaplin how he disobeyed a direct order. "You stole a nuclear submarine and fired on our country!" "I guess it sounds pretty bad when you put it like that," Chaplin admits. He goes on to say that it's tough to decide what's right in this situation, but he's already made his decision, and Brannan needs to make his. Hence the stay/go list in the mess, which Chaplin says is a declaration. "What are you really staying for?" And he's got the PA open, so everyone on the boat is hearing this. Chaplin bonds with Brannan over their shared childhood dreams of Naval glory, before realizing that something else is up. Brannan starts to confess that Redman's death is his fault. The other sailors storm the conn, rifles leveled, but Chaplin tells them the stand down when Brannan pulls the pin out, keeping only the lever in place to prevent it from exploding. Brannan decides he wants to talk to SecDef Curry, and Chaplin decides to make it happen. So Julian's not the only stubborn leader on this show who gets all reasonable when threatened with a horrible death.

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Last Resort




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