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Choose and Lose

Cortez visits Chaplin in his quarters and confesses that Julian made them choose who would die, and Brannan chose Redman. "If he hadn't, it would have been all three of us," she says. "So you let a time bomb fester on my boat," Chaplin says calmly. Cortez says she was worried about what the crew would think of Brannan if the truth was known. Well, I don't think that's an issue any more.Morning on the island. King is digging a grave for Langston somewhere overlooking the ocean, and takes a moment to extol the view to his dead buddy. "It ain't Arlington, though. You deserve Arlington." What he deserves, King, is a grave deeper than the three-footer you're about to roll him into.

Cahill crosses his name off the go list and puts it on the stay list, like we can see that a lot of people before him have already done, while Chaplin and Kendal watch. Kendal says Chaplin won back a lot of people, but Chaplin thinks he could have done better with a better speech. At least he seems to know what keeps this show moving Just then Anders shows up, and Chaplin sends Kendal to talk to him, impassively sipping his coffee while watching from across the room. It's an awkward moment, because Anders sees that his name has already been moved from one side to the other, just as he feared. "The captain and I both appreciate your service," Kendal says. Well, that appears to have smoothed over nothing.

Tani looks after King in what I guess is her apartment behind the bar, and they talk about what his dead friend meant to him. "He was my brother," King agrees, and either passes out or falls asleep. Tani gives him a little peck on the side of his mouth. Aw, he's a SEAL with a kiss! Somebody fire me now, please.

Back to Kendal's swim. He looks up and sees Sophie standing on the beach waiting for him. She leads him up to another spectacular view, so she can show him how the island went unnoticed and unspoiled for so many centuries. "Guess we changed things a bit, didn't we?" Kendal says. Well, not as much as Julian will when he finds out the dirt is just ripe to be strip-mined and molded into iPhones. She says Kendal and his crew are the power on the island now, so they have the responsibility to care for it. "If something were to happen to me..." Kendal jumps on that, but she forces him back on point. "Look at it. It's magical. And it's yours now, whether you want it or not." Kendal does not, which Sophie understands. She says it was exile for her when she first arrived, but "There are things here worth more than you could ever imagine." Okay, if she leads him to a hatch in the ground I'm done.

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Last Resort




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