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Sail Away

And so, Kendall wakes up having been robbed of both her freedom of choice and her left arm. Surprise! Kendall is not happy about this. Even Martha telling her that they found more cancer in Kendall's neck lymph nodes and so if she had waited until after the sail it would have been too late doesn't make her feel any better. She's understandably furious with her parents for consenting to the surgery they knew she didn't want, and says she hates them. They expected that. She lets them hug her as she cries over losing her arm, and Mom thanks Martha for saving her daughter's life when Mom was too shitty of a parent to do it herself.

But Martha can't sleep that night. She's sulking in House's office when he arrives for the morning and tells him that she did all the bad unethical things he's wanted her to do and she did them for the right reasons, but she doesn't feel good about it like she thought she would. "You can't always get what you want," House Jaggers, handing Wilson a twenty dollar bill for winning their bet. The men agree that next week's bet will involve ferrets. House thinks that's it for this episode, but Martha has something else to say: she now knows she can't do the things she's supposed to do as a member of his team, so she's leaving. Leaving House, leaving surgery, and leaving PPTH. Ha! Didn't Cuddy put Martha on House's team in the first place because she thought Martha was a star and wanted to make sure Martha was a PPTH doctor? And now he's driven her away! And Cuddy had her chance to help Martha but chose to blow her off, so whatever. "Nothing will ever be simple again," House says. Really? Because it seems to me that Martha now knows for sure that she can't deal with shades of gray and will happily return to her simple world of black and white thinking forever. "I'm fine with that," Martha says. She walks away, crying but happy with her decision, as the "You Can't Always Get What You Want" angelic chorus sings. She trips over a chicken on her way out, just in case you thought a female character on this show would actually get a dignified exit.

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