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Sail Away

Hadley prepares Kendall's arm for the blood draw, saying if they're right about the adrenal glands thing then she'll be able to sail in time for the record. I think we all know that's not going to happen, since this show loves to take people who are really good at something and make them have to choose between that thing and curing their horrible mystery illness. Basically, if you're really, really good at something and want to keep being good at that thing, it's best to go to any hospital but PPTH. Kendall's mother quizzes her with flashcard pictures of parts of her boat. I'm not exactly sure why it's so important that Kendall be able to identify the wall of her cabin, but whatever. Kendall's dad calls Mom out into the hallway to deal with sailing-record-related media attention, and Martha takes over the flashcards, infusing them with personal stories about her own experiences on boats. She says the last time she was on one was for her college freshman mixer, and she spent most of that barfing. Kendall asks if she was drunk, which gives Martha the chance to say she was only thirteen. Kendall and Martha bond over their shared prodigy-ness and Kendall asks if there's anything they can do to speed the tests up so she can get back to her sailing. Martha suggests sticking Kendall on a treadmill and seeing how her adrenal glands respond to stress. But Martha won't be doing it, as she gets a page about an LP in the ER. Hadley tells her to go get it; she'll handle the treadmill test on her own. I guess Hadley's medical license is back, then?

Martha races down to the ER, but runs into Cuddy and decides she needs to meet with her to ask what internship she should take first. Cuddy is extremely uninterested in talking to Martha about this, but Martha doesn't get the hint so Cuddy has to tell her to "make your own decision and leave me alone." You know, Cuddy, if you didn't want to deal with Martha, maybe you shouldn't have made it obvious that she was your favorite student and given her that Cottage position. But you did, so of course she's going to look up to you and seek your advice, which you are too self-absorbed to give. Off Martha's sad face, Cuddy adds that working with House can both be great and suck, usually at the same time. That's a pretty apt description of how the last few seasons of this show have been, too. Cuddy says Martha has to decide if she can work in that environment or not, and that will be the extent of Cuddy's contribution to this week's episode. Martha hustles to the ER, only to find that asshole Cruz already doing her LP.

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