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Sail Away

Martha heads back to House's office, but he's not in. Instead, there's a chicken hanging out on his desk and a sign that tells Martha to meet him in the ER. She returns to the ER and finds House by overhearing his conversation behind closed curtains with Hadley, who is angry with him for telling the Cottages that she went to rehab. She says she'll never be able to drink around the Cottages again without them thinking she's relapsing. Of course, House isn't very sympathetic. He suddenly opens the curtain to find Martha standing there. She asks Hadley why she lied about going to rehab. Hadley is worried that Martha will tell the others, but if she really wanted to keep things a secret then I guess she shouldn't have been yelling about them within earshot of everyone in the ER. House tells Hadley not to worry and orders Martha not to tell anyone what she heard. "Of course not!" Martha says immediately. Satisfied, Hadley walks away, revealing a guy lying on his side on the gurney behind them, having just had an LP. House grabs Martha's procedure book and signs it for her tenth and final LP as she tells him that she's made her decision and wants to intern for House. She does not, however, want House to sign off on an LP that she didn't actually do. House says Martha has to turn in the procedure book with the LP she didn't do in it if she wants to be his intern. "It's time to grow up," says the guy who acts like a child every single episode.

Martha joins the Cottages in the hallway. Hadley exposits that Kendall's hands turned blue on the treadmill and they had to give her drugs to restore the blood flow. This rules out the adrenal gland diagnosis. House isn't in his office to consult, as he's down the hall near the elevators using a little stamp at the bottom of his cane to make little chicken footprints on the floor leading to Wilson's office. House explains: "Wilson got a hold of an Australorp." The Cottages look clueless except Martha, who at least seems to know what an Australorp is, if not why House cares. House explains that the Australorp is "the quietest and calmest of all the chickens." Oh really? Because the forum posts I found while trying to figure out how to spell "Australorp" beg to differ. The Cottages decide they don't want to know what's going on between House and Wilson and chickens right now, so they put out a few diagnoses before House agrees with Foreman and Hadley's cerebral vasospasm diagnosis and tells them to do something involving calcium channel diffusions to Kendall. They take off, but House calls Martha back, noting that she's still hasn't turned in her procedure book.

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