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Sail Away

Foreman shows a calcified pineal gland he found in Kendall's brain that proves their cerebral vasospasms theory. Hadley says they can start Kendall on hormone therapy and she'll be better in time to set sail into the record books. Martha adds that she handed in her procedure log, but House isn't impressed as he already figured out that she gave Hadley an LP on her way to the Dean's office. So poor Hadley had to endure that LP for nothing. Martha admits the truth but still thinks House should be impressed with her since she did, after all, break a rule. House says the rule she broke was his, which is bad. Martha still thinks that she can do her job without compromising her principles. We've heard them argue about this many times, and it ends the same way it always does: Martha is fired. House rescinds the internship offer.

Martha wakes up the next morning and starts drilling herself on terms that apply to her new surgical internship. I'm sorry, but didn't she sign up at the very last minute? So wouldn't only the crappiest internships still be available? Like proctology? Surely the surgical internship was one of the first to fill up. But I have no idea how this stuff works. Martha goes to work and has her picture taken for her new security badge, not like those really matter at PPTH. She happily tells the security guard that she's going to be a surgeon. He doesn't care. Maybe he should spend less time taking pictures of new hires and more time patrolling the hospital for chickens and gun-wielding psychopaths. Martha meets with her fellow first-year interns and the surgeon who will be supervising them and then she's off to observe her first surgery. Well, her first as a surgical intern. She's seen plenty as part of House's team. The surgeon is having trouble seeing his work with all the bleeding going on, so Martha speaks up and recommends injecting the patient with calcium chloride to activate the platelets and thus reduce the bleeding. Interns are supposed to be seen and not heard in the OR, but the surgeon gives the order to push calcium chloride anyway. It works. She's either impressed her new boss or seriously pissed him off. Probably both.

Afterwards, Martha studies the list of upcoming surgeries and sees Kendall on it. The surgeon comes out and says interns usually don't talk during surgeries, but they also usually don't have anything to say. Martha seems to have won his respect for what her calcium chloride suggestion and no residual bitterness for showing her supervisor up in front of everyone. She's incredibly lucky, but she just wants to know what's going on with Kendall, saying she thought Kendall was diagnosed, treated, and discharged. The surgeon doesn't care, saying it's House's case and he could be up to anything. He tells Martha to scrub in for another surgery happening in fifteen minutes.

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