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Sail Away

For this, she gets an MRI (OF DOOOM!!) to find the salmonella. In the booth, Chase finds it in his heart to praise Martha for her diagnosis, then asks if she's going back to her surgery internship once the case is over. "That's the plan," Martha says. Chase says she's making a mistake and should definitely go back to surgery. Saying "that's the plan," he says, makes him think that she's going to end up back on House's team. Martha points out that Chase himself chose House over being a surgeon, and Chase says working for House changed him, and not necessarily in a good way. Then he finds something in Kendall's arm on the MRI, but it's not salmonella after all. It's cancer.

So here's how Martha decides to break the news to Kendall and her parents: "you have lymphoid sarcoma. A cancer in the bone in your arm." Maybe Martha should be a surgeon, because that was a terrible, bordering on cruel, way to break that kind of news. Especially when, last Kendall heard, she had food poisoning. Kendall asks if she'll be okay, and Martha says it is treatable, but her arm will have to be amputated. Her parents look kind of upset about this, but not as upset as they really should be. Like, I'm pretty sure if my mom just found out that I had cancer and would have to have an arm amputated, she would do more than just gasp. She would probably cry. A lot. Kendall, meanwhile, matter-of-factly asks if there's anything else they can do and if her cancer can be cured in like five minutes so she can go out and break that stupid record. "I feel fine," she says. Yeah, except for the collapsing and heart problems and sore cancer-filled arm bone, she's awesome. Martha says delaying the surgery until after the sail runs the risk of the cancer spreading, possibly to the point where it can't be cured. Mom agrees, but Kendall says she's wanted to do this sail since she was ten years old and begs her parents not to take it away from her, like it's their fault she got arm cancer. "It's just a month," she says. Really? What the hell boat is she planning to sail with? Because the current youth solo circumnavigation record was done in 210 days. That's seven months. Kendall says she'll talk to her parents over Skype every day and can always end the sail and fly home if there's a medical emergency. You mean a medical emergency like cancer? Because Kendall certainly doesn't seem particularly eager to let that affect her sailing plans now, so I doubt she'd call the sail off for it later. Also, she's 16 and 16-year-olds think they're immortal. Mom asks Martha to leave the room so they can discuss this without the nosy doctor lady trying to influence their decision. Martha can't believe there's anything to discuss.

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