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Sail Away

Sometime later, Kendall's dad emerges from the room and tells Martha that Kendall is refusing to have the surgery and wants to set sail tomorrow. Martha says it's not really Kendall's decision since she's a minor. Dad says Kendall managed to convince her mother to agree with her to delay the surgery, but Martha says that still doesn't matter since the consent form only needs the signature of one parent. Yeah, but I'm pretty sure you can't force a child into surgery against the wishes of the other parent. Dad says that Kendall threatened to emancipate herself once and he's sure she'll go through with it if he signs the consent form. He seems to think she has a good shot of winning emancipation, like any court would agree to let a kid with cancer put off treatment just to break some stupid record.

Martha returns to House's office, where she finds him trying to train a dog to fetch an Australorp. He's having some success, too. Martha says she doesn't know what to do about Kendall. House says there's nothing to do; they diagnosed Kendall. The fact that Kendall refuses to accept treatment for her diagnosis isn't his or Martha's problem. If Martha wants to make it her problem and "help" Kendall, then she'll have to break the rules, as House so gleefully tells her. If Martha thinks that following the rules is more important than saving Kendall's life, then she is not so exceptional after all, House claims. Haven't we seen him make this argument to Martha before, only for her to decide that following the rules and doing things honestly was the most important thing? Why would she change her mind about that now? Are the people who wrote the beginning of this season still working on this show, or is this show now being written by totally new people?

Martha seeks out Wilson's advice, but he's having trouble giving any because he keeps crying out in pain due to having a chicken hiding under the desk pecking at his feet. He finally lets the chicken roam around the office freely and says the only thing Martha can do is keep trying to convince Kendall and her family to have the surgery. And then he produces another chicken from underneath his desk - House's. Why is he stealing House's chicken anyway? Isn't the goal not to get caught with chickens in his office? And wouldn't having two chickens instead of one make it that much more likely he'd get caught? In the end, Wilson proves to be helpful when he tells Martha about how House was once in the same situation as Kendall: he needed surgery and refused to have it. So his girlfriend just waited for him to be put in a medically-induced coma and signed the consent for the surgery he didn't want and probably saved House's life. "So she did the right thing?" Martha asks. "Depends on who you ask," Wilson says. I have a feeling the person who the surgery was actually performed on would say no. With that, House's dog comes charging into the office and grabs what the prop department apparently didn't have enough time to make look like Wilson's chicken and runs out.

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