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Merle is inspired by her model's skin and shoulder and not, somehow, the giant mole. Dandy claims he was staring at his male model's ink black tattoos only. This is the same guy that DSquared2 were talking about elongated lines with, and then Kathy says something about jump ropes, so it would seem that he's well-endowed. Or paid the show a good amount of money to devote precious time into making it seem that way. Kathy's model, on the other hand, is the old guy, who immediately lies on the carpet with his legs spread. "Sir, you don't have to put your legs that wide," Kathy pleads in an interview. Despite the fact that she burns sage in a closed space, I like her. Louanna's model, unlike Kathy's, makes sure to pose in such a way that his junk isn't on display, which she appreciates.

The contestants return to the studio and try to describe their terrifying ordeal with normal-looking naked people to the designers, who are disgusted, of course. Galina gets to work immediately on making up a design for DJ Eric using the same butt-ugly fabrics they've used in previous designs. I'm guessing that's because Galina refuses to work with any of the fabrics DJ Eric picked out without her. Louanna and Jim decide to use her model's blackness as inspiration for a design using dark brown fabrics. Merle wants to use her model's "tan" skin and "pinkish" mouth as inspiration. And it'll be a gown that turns into a cocktail dress. You know, Merle's line is starting to remind me of that episode of The Simpsons when Marge got that Chanel suit and then made 30 outfits out of it. Over at Team Dandy, Roberto is taking the asymmetrical theme further than Patrick would like. He just wants to sew! Or rather, tell Roberto to sew.

Time ticks down and now it's time for L. Marilyn and Coco to argue about something. L. Marilyn has a vision for her outfit that Coco, of course, doesn't understand. It's also time for Lady Jumpsuit to horrify us -- and especially her designer -- with another terrible idea. She wants to "accentuate" the hips of her outfit with a different material, like how her nude model had big belly dancer hips. Because what woman doesn't want to wear something that accentuates her hips, right? I know I do!

Suddenly, the trim room is open! It's a free-for-all as the contestants rush to grab the ugliest things they can find! I see Emil is standing just outside the room and telling Kathy what to get, which seems kind of against the spirit of the trim room to me. Tragically for Tressa, Lady Jumpsuit found a bunch of fur trim. The trim room closes before she can go back for anything else, causing her to pout. The designers attempt to work with the crap the contestants brought back for them. Roberto and Dandy are working well together for a change, so we head over to Kathy, who mentions her nude model and that means we have to see a flashback of him. Uh, no. Don't do that again, Kathy.

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