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Merle's model comes out. She says that she and Thai shot for the stars or whatever today, and DSquared2 praise her for taking this competition seriously. Lisa Kline thinks the way the dress converted into a cocktail dress was clever. I agree, although this isn't something I haven't seen before. Didn't Britney Spears' wedding dress convert from a gown for the ceremony to a cocktail for the reception? And then she went car shopping in it two years later?

And then, Kathy. Lisa Kline likes the slit on the bottom and Stefani likes the scarf thing they did with the sleeve. And then we have another flashback to Kathy's nude model and they are just doing this to upset the audience. No one else had flashbacks to their model! I love how Emil describes the fat guy as "more heavyset." And while I really didn't like Kathy's dress, it's clear that the judges love it.

The judges get in their two-second whisper huddle and announce the winner. It's between Kathy and Merle, obviously. We are reminded that the winner gets immunity next week and then... it's Merle! I'm happy, just because it's not Kathy. I like Kathy and all, but not that dress.

So DJ Eric, Louanna and Lady Jumpsuit (for the FOURTH FREAKING TIME IN A ROW) are the bottom three. The judges go backstage for a closer look. Lady Jumpsuit is first. "Good from far, far from good," DSquared2 say. Lisa and Stefani agree. How can Lady Jumpsuit not be going home tonight? And just because none of this is Tressa's fault, they take the time to point out that her work is "beautiful." DJ Eric is next. The judges hate that he recycled fabrics. When you use such distinctive fabrics, you really can't get away with putting them in more than one dress. Stefani grabs DJ Eric's first two designs off the rack and puts them up next to the dress to show just how similar they all look. "Look at me. Hi, I'm the same. This is triplets," she says. Oh, that's bound to make the DSquared2 twins feel inadequate. Perhaps DJ Eric is the one going home tonight. "He's got to make an album, not a single," DSquared2 say, and Lisa Kline thinks that's so clever that she demands a high-five. Meanwhile, DJ Eric is not a musician. He's a DJ. So he's not really making albums at all. And finally, Louanna. More whining about how her outfit isn't "night out" enough. Lisa Kline calls it "conservative" and "uptight." So? Conservative and uptight people go out at night, too.

After the break, it's time to get rid of Lady Jumpsuit for good. I mean, come on. It has to happen. It should have happened in Week One. DJ Eric is called out first. They say he isn't giving his customer enough options. Louanna made lunch instead of dinner, and Lady Jumpsuit thinks that women want giant pockets accentuating their hips. And the loser is... Lady Jumpsuit. About time! She looks at the floor. Tressa has her usual non-reaction. Lady Jumpsuit says she stayed true to her vision, heart and integrity. She doesn't thank poor Tressa for her hard work, so DSquared2 do instead. Kathy wipes away a tear, probably because without Lady Jumpsuit's outfits around and with Merle guaranteed immunity next week, everyone's chances at being in the bottom three just got much better.

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