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And finally, we head over to L. Marilyn, who is creating a "modern caftan" for fat people. Well, she said it more delicately than that, but that's what she meant. Coco clearly doesn't like it or L. Marilyn, and so bitches and complains about every point in L. Marilyn's design. Before any of that drama can get underway, we fly over to Team Dandy, where Roberto is telling Patrick to sew something himself, much to Patrick's horror. And then everyone takes off for the night.

The next morning, they come back and begin assembling their designs. Julie got up on the wrong side of the bed and snaps at David when he tries to explain how he wants the shorts of his piece to look. "What do you want from me?" he asks in an interview. I think she wants you to put a freaking sentence together when you talk to her, David. He may know how to design a structure, but he has no idea how to structure a sentence. Lady Jumpsuit, meanwhile, wants to take the butterfly silhouette to a whole new level with a "broken butterfly wing," which she says is "so tragic but it's so beautiful." I bet she wrote terrible angsty poems when she was in high school.

With 24 hours to go, DSquared2 return to open the trim room for ten freaking minutes. The designers run inside. David says his time in the trim room is especially important because his baseline fabrics are all dark and not beachy looking, so he's depending on trims to lighten things up. Lady Jumpsuit grabs a roll of fabric and shows her true colors when she drops her stupid airy manner of speaking and harshly tells Kevin to "move it!" David doesn't find any useful fabrics as we see him walking out with a roll of something gray. He never learns. The trim room is closed, but DSquared2 haven't come up with a stupid Italian phrase for that yet so they just make buzzer sounds.

Over at L. Marilyn's table, she and Coco are still passive-aggressively butting heads. That's about it.

Oh! Interstitial DVR-trickery moment! Roberto removes his sunglasses and gives himself a pompadour, then tells everyone that it's an homage to Valentino, who came to his godfamily's house for dinner once. Merle doesn't appreciate Roberto's name-dropping, even though she herself is a walking homage to Peg Bundy.

After the break, it's time for DSquared2 to stop by the designers' stations and see what's going on. L. Marilyn is first, and they ask her if she and Coco are on "the same page." Of course they aren't! Coco says she's tired and this show is somehow affecting her health. DSquared2 don't know what to do about this, so they just move on to Kevin's station. He tries to describe his outfit while expert Akiko rolls her eyes and interviews that Kevin doesn't know anything about "the fashion world," and God does she wish she was on Project Runway. Kevin rambles on about how his line is called "London" because of forgetting Paris and "you go, girl!" "Help me!" Akiko says to DSquared2. They do not. Instead, they head for Kathy's station, where I see she has some kind of faux Native American nature feather candle placemat set up. Is the lit candle supposed to be like an eternal flame or something? It seems like a really bad idea what with all the no doubt flammable fabric waving around in there. If Kathy burns down the loft, then she gets my vote for favorite contestant designer. We get a good look at the earpiece feeding DSquared2 their lines as they ask her if she really needs her piece to have fabric tentacles. Obviously, they don't think so.

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