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The models are being fitted. Louanna's model starts to say that her bikini design reminds her of someone else's, but Louanna tells her to shut it. Because she probably already knows who the model is going to say, because that's who she ripped it off of. As the time ticks down, the finishing touches are put on the pieces and the models.

Time for a fashion show! First up is Team Dandy, and their sundress looks much better than last week's trench dress. After all that drama, Patrick likes the result. Then it's time for Lady Jumpsuit, who has a kimono-like shirt with white pants I think she ripped off of an episode of Hawaii Five-O. Yes, your pants can be too high-waisted. Also, she has appliqu├ęs everywhere, on the shirt sleeves and the pant legs. She thinks her design is great because it's "absolute insanity." Cut to DSquared2 looking absolutely disgusted. Louanna's model is wearing a black bikini with a wrap over it. It's nothing special. Kathy's model is wearing the kimono dress with tentacles hanging down from the arms that looks much better than I thought it would. L. Marilyn's beachwear dress for fatties is also impressive. So far she's shown a real knack for choosing fabrics with designs on them that I think are hideous and making them look really great. David's outfit is dark and unattractive, just like last week's. He managed to use as little of that inspiration fabric as possible. But the fact is that he made a vintage bathing suit, and for that I love him. Merle's dress is very pretty, and her model shows off the convertible sleeve function, which actually is pretty cool. There's a string in each sleeve you pull to roll it up and change the caftan into a sundress. Merle's convertible line sounds so cheesy but looks really good so far. Eric's (well, Galina's, really) dress has an ugly butterfly pin on the front and is made of ugly printed fabric from the '80s. Kevin's dress is the last, and it's colorful but doesn't really stand out in my mind. Just like his design last week. And when he tries to explain it in the voiceover, he makes no sense. So let's move along.

The designer/expert teams walk on stage for judging. Team Dandy, Louanna, L. Marilyn and Kevin are called out first. They are safe. That also means their outfits were neither exceptional nor bad. I don't agree -- I thought Dandy and L. Marilyn's pieces were among the best.

Merle is called out first. Lisa Kline asks her if she did a butterfly or a jellyfish. "A butterfish," Merle says. Stephanie doesn't like the belt, and Merle says she was stuck with it because she had to use that fabric and as one of the last to pick, she was pretty much stuck with what she got. DSquared2 have good things to say, as does Lisa, who calls it an "easy sell." Kathy's outfit comes out next. DSquared2 point out that it isn't exactly consistent with her dress last week, and as we get a flashback to that, I see what they mean. Kathy says the belt and jewelry are similar. So, the accessories, then. DSquared2 don't like the tentacles and call them "too literal." Stephanie likes the colors Kathy used, but thinks the design and fabric are too constrictive for beachwear. And Lisa doesn't think kimonos and beaches go together.

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