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Fashion Forewarned

Time for David to get his ass handed to him. His model walks out and he tries to call her black swimming jumper glamorous and summery. Lisa says no way and asks David what the fabric is. "Wool with vegetable dye," David replies. Right, because the dye you used matters at this point, David, when YOU MADE A SUMMER BEACH OUTFIT OUT OF WOOL. Stephanie tries to be positive and says she likes that David did something "sleek" and "minimal." Eric is next. He thinks his oufit says "Diddy yacht Hollywood." Galina speaks up about using their orange pattern and then Lisa asks if this is Eric's design or Galina's. Merle loves this. Galina says it was a team effort and then suddenly Stephanie is talking about how she could see this outfit in St. Tropez. That's not saying much, though. We saw Jon Gosselin in St. Tropez, too. DSquared2 think the butterfly pin should be lower on the dress and closer to the belt. I think so, too. Both the butterfly and the belt should be very close to each other in the trash. Lady Jumpsuit is last. The appliqué on the shirt sleeves is called "too much." Lisa likes the shirt color, but thinks the appliqué should have gone on a belt instead of on the shirt sleeves and pant leg. Stephanie agrees, calling it too "matchy-matchy." And now that they say that, they're totally right -- Lady Jumpsuit designs clothes for kindergartners. In the '70s.

The judges have a ten-second discussion over the winner, and call out Merle and Eric as the top two designers. WHAT? NO. Merle, yes. Eric, no way! L. Marilyn's and Team Dandy's were much better. And then! Eric is pronounced the winner! That sucks, although I do like that it's caused Merle to look homicidal.

That means that Lady Jumpsuit, David and Kathy are in the bottom three. Well, I already know that Lady Jumpsuit is safe, because I saw a clip of her wearing a not-yet-seen jumpsuit, so obviously she sticks around at least one more episode. [You have to admit that the jumpsuits are memorable. - Z] And I can't imagine Kathy going home over David's mess. Then again, I thought Eric's design was a mess, too, and he won. The judges go backstage to get a "closer look" at the losing pieces. They realize that Kathy's material is, in fact, thin enough to be beachwear and not as stiff as they initially believed. Basically, they like her design fine, but hate the tentacles. Lisa says she'd cry if she saw it in a store. I didn't think they were that bad! I clearly suck at fashion. But that's why I wouldn't go on a show like this. That, and the fact that I'm not at the top of my field or the daughter of a celebrity. Next up is David's old-fashioned modern bathing suit made of wool. Now that they're talking behind his back, they feel free to criticize the shit out of it. DSquared2 say everything about it is wrong. Stephanie says both of David's pieces thus far have been way too dark and "miserable." Finally, Lady Jumpsuit. It seems like the most frustrating thing about it for them is that it could have been great in the hands of someone not insane. DSqaured2 show that if she went with a skirt instead of those stupid pants, it would have been a winner. Stephanie says Lady Jumpsuit has a "very limited brand scope." Lisa says it's a brand scope she wouldn't put anywhere near her store.

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