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It's here! The end of Launch My Line! Possibly forever! But if it does come back for a Season 2, please do so without DSquared2, who are probably nice but suck at hosting and kind of creep me out!

I will miss the theme song.

The three teams arrive for their last day with eight hours until the launch. Everyone gets right down to work, and each team's problems are recapped for us: DJ Eric's evening gown is covered in tacky fake gems that take a long time to sew on, and Kathy is very behind on both the ruffle dress and the evening gown. Worst of all, one of her designers has disappeared. Jim is nowhere to be found. Team Merle, meanwhile, seem to be doing just fine. Merle is confident she'll win, which means she's totally going to lose.

DSquared2 enter with a special guest who wants to stop by and wish them luck. Is it Jim? Because I'm starting to get worried about him. No, it's Fergie! Amazing how since they filmed this show, Lady Gaga (who no one seemed to have heard of when she stopped by, so long ago was this show filmed) has now surpassed her in fame. But did Lady Gaga have a meth addiction and star on Kids, Incorporated? No, she did not. Also, Fergie looks a lot like Kathy. They should have Katey Sagal and the Bee Guy from The Simpsons stop by next to complete Celebrity Doppelganger day. Fergie and DSquared2 stop by DJ Eric's station first, and she actually knows him from his real job. Or at least, she claims to know of him. She also claims to like his designs, calling the lipstick pocket dress "fabulous" and saying she's never seen anything like it before. There's a reason for that, Fergie. DJ Eric interviews that his "target demographic" is basically Fergie, who, by the way, doesn't appear to have washed her hair in like two weeks.

Fergie swings by Kathy's station next, and no one says anything about how they totally look alike except that Kathy doesn't have the fake tan. Fergie is just as positive about Kathy's stuff as she was about DJ Eric's. They head to Merle's station next, and Merle is all about the fake praise, gushing over how excited she is to meet Fergie. Guess what? Fergie loves Merle's line too, saying the convertible aspect of her outfits makes quick changes during concerts easy. Like when you pee in your pants on stage and only have a minute to put on some clean, dry pants. Merle's line would be good for Fergie in that respect. With that, Fergie wishes everyone luck and is basically pushed out of the studio by DSquared2. Hey, do you guys think she might have run over Jim on her way to the set or something? Where is he?

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