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The hours tick by and still, Jim is nowhere to be found. Fergie killed him and DSquared2 buried the body in a pile of their ugly jeans, I just know it! Roberto tells Kathy not to worry because "the gods are with us." Emil's advice, "work with what we have," is slightly more practical. DSquared2 slither in to announce the arrival of the models. Yes, even the models got there before Jim! They filter in and get their orders from the contestants. Merle's models have twice as much work as everyone else because they have to deal with the convertible aspect of their outfits. DJ Eric, meanwhile, seems to be enjoying the freedom to stare at his models in tiny outfits and call it part of the fitting process. It's chaos over at Kathy's station, of course, and the red ruffle dress is still giving them problems. In the end, Kathy decides it doesn't look right as a long dress and lets Emil cut it back to the short length he designed in the first place. At Merle's station, someone wonders where Jim is, and Merle tries not to laugh out loud as she says "that is really crazy." And yet, she doesn't look very surprised, does she? I'll bet she killed him in his sleep last night to sabotage the competition. "It's really upsetting. I'm sure Kathy is freaking," Merle says, somehow managing to hide an evil and triumphant smile. Back at Kathy's station, Kathy is indeed freaking.

Meanwhile, the editors try to drum up some drama with the other teams by having Galina whine about how she needs vodka and/or a spa while Merle has trouble finding shoes for her models. With all of her designers doing most of the work for her, all Merle has to do was get shoes for the models, and she can't do that right.

With two and a half hours to go, Jim is still missing. Emil realizes that the hidden pocket zebra dress isn't going to assemble itself and starts fitting it to the model. And then Jim arrives! "I had car trouble. I'm so sorry," he claims. Dude, no. You are five and a half hours late! You could have flown across the country in less time than your "car trouble" took to sort out. Clearly, something else went down, but we will never find out what. Kathy interviews that while she's super-pissed at Jim for sabotaging her chances, she needs his help and so can't yell at him. Yet. "Sorry to freak you out," Jim says, not looking sorry at all. Probably because he has an extra ten grand in his pocket courtesy of Merle, who paid him off.

Even though she has no time, Kathy still takes a second to glance around the room at her competition and note that both of her opponents are putting out some strong pieces. Merle's evening gown is something that Kathy would wear, while DJ Eric's team "really focused their target market," as Kathy says diplomatically. Meanwhile, her team is using a Sharpie to color in contrasting thread in the seams.

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